Feeling rather suicidal and stupid?

This is going to be long. All of my questions are long, even if they’re not about something serious. If you don’t care to read everything, please don’t respond. If you’re going to make a dumb comment like “omg ur stupid get over urself” or “thumbs up if u didnt read this lol” -…

Well I don’t think your being melodramatic or anything :]
and im gonna talk about the girl first because im d in that…I think you should tell her what you wrote right here :

“A few months ago, I met this girl. I’ve never been the kind of guy (even as a teenager) to just randomly start liking a girl because of attractive she is, so it’s not as if I feel like this very often. But yeah. There’s this girl that I’m pretty good friends with, and to whom I’ve become rather endeared. We’re friends, but I seriously doubt that she likes me nearly as much as I like her. I don’t know why this hurts so much, but it does. I can’t stop thinking about her, and I haven’t been able to stop for the last few months. Hopefully this is something that runs itself into the ground, for my sake. It’s just… This person brings out the best in me. I can enjoy myself with her, completely guilt-free. I can make her laugh, and she makes me laugh. The thought of this friendship never turning into anything more pains me very deeply. ”

One : she’ll think your the most sweetest guy because that’s your true emotion and girls only want love deep down…shes im betting has never had ‘true love’…You seem like your deeply in love with her…You should definitely confess
Two : shes not the girl for you and she’ll be freaked out (highly doubt) if she says no then say “ok thanks for considering it anyway”…If she’s not willing to consider you then shes not the girl for you…

How To :
Write a note in really cute handwriting or anything and write something like how you’ve never experience this or anything sweet then write what you wrote up above (what I quoted) and say at the end “Truly deeply love you”

My best friend got that from her boyfriend and she said that she never really thought of him like that but when she got the note she couldn’t bear to be without him…

Im really sorry but don’t really understand your question in the beginning :[
Im very sorry if this doesn’t help
Good Luck :]

i read your whole answer because i know that sometimes you just need someone to hear you out. i am not going to pretend i understand everything that you’re going through but i understand that sometimes it feels like there’s no point in trying hard or committing your self to anything. i mean what’s the point right? wrong, this is your life and i hate to sound cheesy but you need to live it to the fullest and getting yourself mixed up in bad things will not help at all. Just this year i was feeling most of everything you were feeling(suicidal most of the time but not acting on it) but i decided i needed to change so i started to search for something that fit me. I discovered music and that was the greatest thing i’ve ever done so what i’m saying is that you just need some soul searching. If you like this girl then go for it, if you don’t you’ll just hate yourself for it and you’ll always be thinking ‘what if?’ It’s alright to feel what you are feeling but you can’t just live your whole life feeling sorry for yourself, if you want to do better there is no one stopping you. You are the only obstacle in a fufilling life, accept yourself for who you are and be happy with it.
I’m sorry for this extremely long and cheesy answer, you definetly don’t need any medical help you probably just need someone to listen to(like we all need sometimes) i can tell that you are a good person and that all you need is just some motivation; find that someone or that something that motivates you.
I wish you the best and i want you to know that you are never alone 🙂

Hang out with funny people (the ‘class clown’ type) and just listen to music like Sara Bareilles. It’s hilarious because although her songs say love in them and are about love, most of them are like a big middle finger, like Love Song or Fairytale. For you, the F*** YOU! can be directed to your chronic fatigue syndrome and Aspergous. Falling in love will also help. Not just a high school crush, mind you, but full blown love. when you feel this, you will want to do anything to just see the person’s smile or hear their laugh. If none of these work, then think. Really think, “Do I have any regrets?” If yes, then don’t kill yourself. That would suck. If no, then you might as well find a state that issues the death penalty and become a vigilante that kills (if they were committing crimes, they should be prepared to die depending on the crime). That way you would be doing a service and if you were caught, you would be offed by the State government, and have your name put down in possibly National news.

I am not being cruel. I read your whole article. I think you need to see a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist who only asks you what YOU think about it all. Medication can be very helpful in cases like this, I know. It may take awhile to figure out what really is going on with you, but a psychiatrist can do a much better job of it.

I think it’s good you are getting professional help. That is heading in the right direction. I hope the psychologist you are seeing is helping you.
I feel for you. I see you have a low-self image of yourself.
I’m not trying to sound like a fanatic, and I don’t expect you to necessarily grasp everything I say. However, in spite how you feel about yourself, and your past mistakes, God loves you. You are made in His image. He has a purpose for your life. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) Even though you don’t feel worthy, God thinks you are worthy. He loves you!
I will be praying for you.

Tell your parents you need to see a therapist or someone about suicidal thoughts.

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