Guys and girls opinions: stretch marks???

I am a 15 year old female who has stretch marks on her thighs. im not fat or anything, i just got them in puberty. im not trying to be up myself or anything, but i am quite pretty. guys, what do you think of a girl with stretch marks? does it matter? do any of u think its gross?
basically i just want to know if…

they’re not attractive. but if there’s not too many — or if they’re not too visible then it’s okay.

you should also consider applying cocoa butter lotion to your skin, it smells pretty good and you won’t have as much of a problem with stretch marks anymore. 🙂

Get rid of Stretch Marks?

‘rkuef’ is a damn fool, don’t listen to him.

Every female over 13 years old I know has stretch marks somewhere. It’s part of life. I don’t know any guys who have MAJOR problem with them, if they do, then they probably will have a 0.0000000001 % chance of getting girls, cause most girls who have past puberty have strech marks.

However, Bio Oil does clear up the stretch marks, and they fade away with age.

Don’t worry, im sure you still look phly!

If a guy does not like you for having a few stretch marks obviously that guy is just a loser. A real guy would still like you and would not be stuck up enough to notice or care. Besides they will probably go away. If you are really self conscience they have lotion that will lighten it up. I’m sure if you are pretty guys won’t notice unless you make a point of telling them.

I have a few on my thighs but it doesnt take away from my beauty. I got mine at puberty too, but now im 19 and that was about 9 years ago, they dont bother me anymore, and definately not my BF. There not really a big deal.

I doubt a guy is really going to notice them that much on your thighs.

I have stretch marks(3 children helped with that). I hate them and the way they look even if they aren;t that noticeable.

I tell you how to remove it. I also have…If its still pink/purple/ red you have the chance to remove. Just buy a Stretch Mark Improver cream from The Body Shop.

Don’t worry about it. You get stretch marks when your boobs grow, you get stretch marks when you get pregnant. Stretch marks happen. Your muscles are probably just growing and the marks are there to say hey.

The most effective way to handle this problem is to follow a proper care routine that prevents their occurrence. You can either use olive oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E oil or cod liver oil for the purpose of massage. Check out… for more useful info.

I don’t think it’s gross, it happens and will happen one way or another. There are creams and laser removal that help- also you are young, they WILL fade, it will take a few years but mine went away! Make sure you drink lots of water, it totally helps!

meh theres nothing people can do about it, so anyone who says ewwww is just being superficial… they aren’t that big of a deal to me anyway especially once they are faded. You can always try use a cream by Palmer’s that is supposed to help fade them more too 🙂

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