Has anyone had a spooky experience?

Alright, here is a rather long drawn out story. When I was in high school my best Friend was a pastor’s son. They had moved to Nebraska from California. They moved just after a bad experience where a cult had thought my Friend was to become the anti-christ. Anyway, he could see things, and weird things happened around him. We were camping by the lake one night when all of the sudden he told me to get in the truck and go. I was a little frustrated and told him that we had just set up camp and I really didn’t want to go just because he felt funny. Eventually after I saw that he wasn’t going to give up on this I gave in. I packed up the tent and our gear and we started to drive off. It was just getting dark, and his mood was making me kinda freaked out. He was really nervous and was sweating profusely. He kept telling me to go faster and faster. I started to pick up speed a little but not too much. All of the sudden he turned around to stare out the back window and screamed. Now I’m scared. I floored it. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw what kinda looked like a headlight. Well I figured his mood had him scared of his shadow so I slowed a little. It sped up till it was just twenty feet or so from the back of the truck almost instantly. I floored it again, and was going as fast as that old truck would let us go. I looked back again to see where it was and there were two. Both side by side, the same distance away from the truck. My friend is absolutely hysterical, screaming at me to just go like crazy and stop looking back. I looked back anyway and saw that there were more. I don’t know how many, I just looked forward and went like mad. We’re both screaming at each other now. He kept yelling that he doesn’t want to die yet, that this isn’t the way it is supposed to happen. I only looked back one more time, just before we got to the main road. It looked like there was a mob chasing us, and we had to be going at least sixty miles an hour. When we got into the clear and pulled on the main road headed for town I looked back again to see if they would follow us. I couldn’t see anything. But I didn’t slow down until we pulled into town. My family still lives there. My Aunt is really into collecting native american artifacts. Guess where her favorite place to find things is?

Yes, I have never been a big believer in ghosts etc & the likes of Derek Achora, but on three occassions recently I am convinced that I have had a ‘visitor’. One each occasion the prescence started by a strong smell, similar to hair burning, and was followed by goose pimples ( quite prominent ones too) down the soft inner part of my lower arms. On the first two occassions I was in the house alone, but the last time someone else noticed the smell upstairs ( I was downstairs at the time) & called me up. On going upstairs I too could immediately identify the smell & once again my arms were covered in goose pimples. I lost a very close relative about 3 years ago & I am quite convinced that the two are connected. On no occasion of the experience did I feel afraid or threatened, actually more the opposite.If anyone who knows about this sort of thing can offer any info I would be interested to hear

Well which one to tell is the question. I’ll settle on the one that changed my life shall I?
In February of 1996 I was sleeping in my bed. I was in that half awake half asleep period before awaking completely. I saw my husband come into the room and start looking thru the closet for what I imagined was a pair of pants to wear. I didn’t really give it much thought over the 18 years we had been married I had seen this many times. All at once he turned and ran over to where I lay and bent over into my face and said get out of here or I will kill you then he disappeared from the room.
I had known the house was haunted of course before that but that was so unexpected and real I would of fainted had I been standing.
Needless to say I left the house and have never returned.
That was the most shocking experience and like I said I have seen some things you would call me a liar about.

Depends on your definition of spooky. Some years ago I was on holiday without my family. One night I had a very strange sensation that I was suddenly detached from the rest of the world everything around me seemed to disappear and I suddenly felt very calm and peaceful. Then I was back. When I returned home a couple of days later my parents told me that my grandfather had died. I asked them when and it was the same time that I had had my experience. My grandfather and I had always been very close and I believe that it was his way of telling me that everything was okay.

And by the way, I wasn’t drinking or taking anything else at the time!!

Yes lots of spooky experiences, one example, my mom died and on the day of her funeral an old lady came up to me and said she was so sorry I had lost my mom, that she was a beautiful person and was always kind and loving, this lady gave me a hug, I turned to my husband to say how nice that was of this lady to say those things to me about my mom and when I turned back she had gone, I looked everywhere for her but no one but me had seen her or spoken to her, later that day some of the older end of the family got the photos out and I said to my husband, there she is that’s the lady that spoke to me this afternoon, everyone stopped and looked at me like I had 3 heads, it turned out this lady was my moms auntie and she had died the year before I was born, now that was spooky, but it doesn’t scare me at all.

Define spooky? If you mean things that I can’t readily explain,then yes. I see things that know aren’t there. They either will be or they once where. Deja vu all of the time and I have had few run ins with the spirit world on several occasions. Those freak me out a bit.

I was working in a nursing home two years ago, doing a night shift. I was on my own with a male carer. We walked into a room, doing the checks, a gentleman’s room. he was in a mess so we got him out of bed, sat him on a wheelchair. The carer proceded to change his bed, while i changed the gentleman’s dressings. I was kneeling at his feet, facing the door when i saw a man walking down the corridor. I told the carer to check who he was and take him back to bed. The man had walked past the room, entered the dining room. Moments later the carer came back to me, told me he couldn’t see anyone in teh dining-room, had checked all rooms, everyone was in bed. I felt dismayed, told him i had seen a man walk past, described his pyjamas and dressing-gown. It made no sense to us. We forgot about it!

Three nights later we went back to work after our days off, to be told that there had been a sighting the previous night, an agency nurse and a carer had simply fled the wing, didn’t want to stay in the corridor. They had seen a man as well so i asked if he resembled the man i had seen myself, described him, pyjamas, dressing-gown and slippers to be told that!!! Indeed they had and the reason why they’d freaked out was because they had tended to him 4 years before when he died in the nursing home. His family wanted him to wear those pyjamas and dressing-gown. The carer i was with never saw him but he did see other dead residents walking about the corridor.

I thought that was spooky enough for me!

I saw a ghost in the English department once – well, I saw his arm. The professor had passed away several months earlier and the English department was his second home. Well, one day I went to throw something out in the garbage (the garbage can was outside in the hall) and I looked over to the conference room table. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone in a tan polo shirt reading a book – all I could see was one arm from the shoulder down and the open book. I turned to say hello and there was no one there!

i have 3 times

Spooky? Not so much. Creepy? All the time.

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