Have you noticed that the McCain supporters are getting angry?

Calling names, using profanity, typing in CAPS…
what’s going on people?

Well , they know that Obama is during a lot better that they could have ever imagined and they just can’t accept that without a nasty disrespectful rant !!!!!

Vote on matters no longer on the wrapper. McCain supporters are mad as hell and that they have got the magnificent to. we are dwelling in usa! no longer a socialist republic. Obama’s pals are communists and socialists. McCain supporters see this and wont have it!

@ Joh J

Corsi said….. the same corsi who lied about the swift boat affair!

Give us a brake. That is total fiction! No politician would campaign in another country’s election while running for office for himself.

Corsi was arrested in Kenya and deported – he didn’t talk to any politicians.

Because it’s time you obama freaks wake the FU*K up!! It was funny at first, sad over time, and now that he’s leading the polls it’s no longer funny or sad but just scary that the end of our nation is so near. It’s not one or two little things against this guy, it’s a MOUNTAIN of very, very serious issues. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, if anyone tries to say anything they are labeled racist and either threatened with lawsuits, or their words are labeled incited violence towards o’fu*ker. If that’s happening now, our freedom of speech being taken away, just think of everything else that’s going to happen once the beast is president. WAKE UP!!!

I haven’t noticed this as much as I have noticed Obama supporters telling people to go kill themselves because they don’t matter. All of this is immature. Some people need to grow up.

It’s because they can’t find a way to get mad at McCain. We would like to tell him to his face that he’s really making a mess of things. If McCain would get mad in public his supporters would calm down. Just my theory. BTW-I didn’t yell on Y/A 🙂

I don’t call names, I don’t use profanity and I only type one or two words in caps, not whole sentences. Those methods are ineffective.

What I do is express my disgust that a man that associates with criminals, terrorists and radicals is even running for president. He is not fit to be our president now or EVER! (see, just one word)

I will be voting for a man I can trust who has always been a true patriot.

McCain/Palin 2008

Edit: This is the kind of association I’m talking about! Outrageous!

I’ve noticed them getting angry all over the place. Not just online. But in public too. They seem angrier than Obama supporters to me.


and spend the money here on the failed bush economy

Yes. It’s desperation. They have nobody to thank but their own votes for the worst president in history. The political climate Bushco has created has led to this.

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