How much would it cost to put a Chevy 350 transmission and 350 Chevy engine in a 1963 Impala including labor?

Before you call me lazy, let me just say that I DO NOT have tools or the training required to do this. It has a 283 and a powerglide so its a thirsty dog, and I’d like to kick to few more horses into it very cheaply. We’re assuming I also will keep my shifter, steering wheel/column (keeping it mostly…

It`s a simple re and re for crap sake, nothing changes except the displacement. For $4k the guy better be supplying a new motor and trans. I would think that for a $20 manual and a flat surface to work on as well as an engine hoist . You and a few pals could pull this off in an afternoon, don`t forget the beer

On a scale of 1-10 a 283 to 350 motor swap is maybe a 3. Actually for someone that doesn’t have much mechanical experience in my opinion this would be the best swap for a novice to attempt. I’ve done many similar engine swaps by myself. Remove the radiator, disconnect the electrical connections (aren’t that many). Disconnect the fuel line at the carb, unbolt the exhaust manifolds, remove the 6 transmission-engine bolts, the two motor mount bolts, support the transmission, attach some short lengths of chain to the engine using the intake manifold bolts at opposing sides of the motor, and use a cherry picker to remove it. Take maybe two hours or less to remove it. If you want to remove the transmission at the same time as the motor then leave the six bolts that attach the engine and transmission together. Just remove the driveshaft for the rear of the tranny, unhook the linkage, the radiator coolant lines for the tranny fluid if it has any (could be an air cooled powerglide), unbolt the transmission bolts at the transmission support crossmember and pull the engine and tranny together.

If you do it at a shop, its going to cost you some $$, keep in mind that if you buy the motor and tranny from a shop that are going to charge you what it cost them plus a mark up, for you to get a low mileage dependable 350 and transmission, it could cost 1000 or even 2000 depending what you want and their labor will be at least 55.00 an hour, it being there for several weeks….. plus all the other things they can find to charge for, relocation of accessories, and lines, brackets, cross members etc, plus whatever they charge all of that on top of, so you are looking at pretty high cost for a motor swap, I understand you dont have the tools and experience you need, but you would be alot better off finding someone you know who does or paying someone who could do it from there house and not charge standard rates like a general shop…. Good luck and i Hope you get it how you want it.

prob $500 to $750 you have to buy all the oil and antifreeze and all of that but around that price

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