I want to wean myself off of my blood pressure medication safely. How do I do this?

I shall make a suggestion, but obviously talk to your doctor about this. I only recommend this because this is what my best friend’s Aunt did (my friend is a doctor, by the way).

Anyway, her aunt was on 3 different medications. By the recommendation of adding ViaViente (a 100% natural whole food health juice) to her diet, she is now down to one medication.

Additionally, last summer, my husband’s doctor wanted to prescribe my husband high blood pressure medication. He was not happy to hear that he had to take meds and he is only 38 years old. So, also by the recommendation of my friend, he added ViaViente to his diet. After 3 weeks, my husband’s blood pressure went from the 140s to 117. It has now been 3 months and his BP is at a pretty stable 110.

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You actually cannot. If you have essential hypertension (the kind that is not caused by any known problem in your body), your illness is lifetime. This is the most common kind of hypertension in which no other attributable problem exists. If it is secondary hypertension (the kind in which the high blood pressure is caused by problems in other organs, like for example, the kidneys and the adrenals), the hypertension is treated by treating the primary disease which caused it. I’m assuming that you have the first type. I’d like to tell you what I tell my patients: Hypertension is not like an infection, wherein you just have to take an antibiotic for a week or so and the illness is treated. This is a lifetime disease and almost always, you also have to take the anti-hypertensive medications for life. Of course, you can improve your physical well-being by proper diet and exercise and in some cases, these lead to improvement of the blood pressure as well. However, in almost all cases of hypertensive patients I’ve seen, those who “weaned” themselves off of the medication came back to the ER with a hypertensive emergency. Everyone here is right though, you should consult your doctor regarding this matter. I hope this helps.

I also have OCD, Depression and ADHD. I do not have the alcohol issue. I strongly recommend at this point that you go to the emergency room of the hospital. It is not at all safe to wean yourself off ativan and at this point you have a bunch of meds going and alcohol which very easily could become a lethal combination. At the hospital they will have a resident psychiatrist who can help you immediately. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering and I hope that you feel better soon.

You should consult with you doctor, tell him/her your goal to decrease and come off the meds and come up with a comprehensive plan to accomplish this. Unless you’ve made changes to indicate you might be able to decrease, or come off the medicine (weight loss, herbal suppliments) you won’t be able to. Your genetics and disease history play a important role in your high blood pressure as well. You may never be able to totally get rid of the meds.

You need to talk to your doctor about this. To make sure your blood pressure stays within normal limits.

Why would you want to do that? You need to speak with your Doctor there is a reason he/she put you on the medication and they should be the one to decide if you no longer need it. If you stop your BP could cause you to have a heart attack or stroke. Good Luck KG

I would watch what I eat. Leave all the animal fats alone. Bake your food. Eat lots of fruits and veges and sea foods. Watch the bad cholesterol. High blood pressure and bad cholesterol tends to run parallel.

I asked almost the same questions lol. be safe see a doctor like i decided to do.

You need to talk to your Doctor first to do it safely

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