Im 14 and im over weight? help!?

Im 14 a girl and i weight about 130 or so. im about 5’2 or something like that. i want to lose my fat on my stomach and thighs. Fast and easy. we dont have to workout machines or anything. Diet foods can help cheap ones though.
help please.!

Your BMI is 23.8 which is in a healthy weight range so you’re not overweight. If you would like to lose a little (no more than 20lbs as after that you would be underweight) Try increasing your fresh fruit & veg intake, swapping white carbs for complex carbs & whole grains & eating lean protein like tofu, egg white, skinless chicken & turkey & fish. Most importantly drink least 2 liters a day.

Take a 1 hour walk every day.

At 14 I would urge you to discuss this plan with your parents so that they can monitor your health & assist with providing healthy & nutritious foods. I would tell them your goal weight & calculate the BMI to reassure them that you want to lose a little weight to assist with good health & you’re not trying to starve yourself.

I have found this website very helpful for losing weight & there is a forum there specifically where teens can discuss weight loss which is moderated by an adult to discourage misinformation. It also has diet & exercise calculators to help.

Try taking walks! Simple! Diets DONT WORK. Always eat breakfast, but don’t overeat. this may be hard, but start when ur hungry, stop when ur full and ONLY this. I live by this last rule and im 5/6 and 105. so try those. Plus, you’re only 14! I may sound like a parent, but ur still growing! Don’t worry 🙂

You’re not overweight! I’m 6’0 and weigh 235 lbs. Now THAT’S overweight. So don’t be such a drama queen. Just replace sugary drinks with water, don’t eat out too much, and jog once in a while. Pshh! 130 lbs. is overweight? How much DO you want to weigh?

Hello? You are pretty thin at 130. I would make sure that I at a decent breakfast every morning to jump start my metabolism and I might consider joining a school activity that involved moving around but was still fun.

You have to move!!! Your body tolerates a poor diet better than it tolerates inactivity. So move. Then eliminate all white flour, sugar, and fried foods from you food intake. You’ll feel great filling yourself with fruits, veggies, sprouted wheat breads, almond butter. Good luck!

ride him like a cow girl for 26 minutes straddling requires more calorie burning leg work

use the freezer to add some extra oomph to summer foods freeze grapes for some bite sized delights or get a popsicle mold and freeze some greek yogurt with berries

Green tea helps in burning more calories because it cantains bioactive substance

let a great dane walk you for 13 minutes 5 mph

130.. that’s not fat.
I weighed that much when I was your age, I’m 18 now and I’m only 140. I’m around 5’4-5’5.
You’re not fat.:)

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