Is it ok while at work?

To wear pants that show my thong lines?

Whatever you feel comfi with

no but its ok to wear thongs that show your pant lines

LOL. I was actually at Red Lobster and our waitress had her thong showing…. but mostly it was butt crack because she was a big girl.LOL. I’m pretty sure she was safe on the sexual harassment issues but you Rick are just too sexy to get away with it. You would cause a lot of havoc.

I think you should go commando and wear the thong on the outside of your pants!!!!!!

Not at all, I work with someone who does that, white scrub pants with colored thongs, NOT COOL!!!!

ew. are u a dude or chick? if ur a dude why are u wearing thongs? im half fag and i not even i wear that $h1t.

It depends. Does your garter belt line show as well?

Well then you’re not exactly wearing pants then 😀
If you work at Chippendale’s, yes, if not, no.

sorry but I think thats just tacky. I prefer men in boxers.

Sure, if you want to take a chance at sexual harassment and then maybe get fired.

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