Is it okay for an 18 year old and a 30 year old to be together?

I am turning 18 in a week. I have met a 30 year old man he made me laugh we talked about music he asked me questions about my life I asked him question about his, we really hit it off, swear he’s irresistible I have always been attracted to older men but this just feels too extreme, he’s not pressuring me…

There is a definite age gap between you two and obvious differences on a emotional and mental level. You just met the man and he already telling you he loves you? If you hang around after hearing that, he will take advantage of the fact you are young and naive, because you feel “wanted” by a older man. He may try to pull things with you he wouldn’t dare with someone his age due to your lack of experience. when I was your age, older guys came onto me but I just brush it off. I’m the same age of this man you’re speaking about, and trust me, 18 and 30 year olds has differences that just can’t be ignored.

Honestly, the only thing you both can do for each other is **** since it “excites” men who is a lot older than the woman they so-called pursing. Your family will not be pleased and I wouldn’t blame them a bit. hell, I dare a over grown *** man to come at my 16 year old sister and he’s like 7or 8 years older than her saying, “he loves her”. Don’t be a fool and fall for any of his charm. He can like you from afar, and date someone closer to his own age.

because the 17 365 days old is a minor until eventually they comply with the relationship because the age of consent is 16. The 18 365 days old is an human being and so is the 30 365 days old it really is why that is not any longer ok for a 17 365 days old and an 30 365 days to be at the same time.


Yes it’s ok. My fiancé is 20 years older

~Dadiamond out

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