Jimmy Carter ex US Presidents book “PEACE not APARTHEID”?

Why are buckets of “anti-semetism” thrown over people, often of high educational standing when they critise the apartheid regime of Israel and its de humanising policies against the Palestinians ?

Between Hollywood and Lobbyists, the Zionists have been given a thin veneer of justice, righteousness and civilization to which they are not entitled. A lot like the continuing genocide in the U.S., fully supported by both political parties, against Native Americans. Mr, Carter does not need to look so far afield to find abuses to report, but then he could never get a book published that hit so close to home.

Why indeed one must ask as he was writing about the semetic peoples and how they are segregated within their own type.
For the less educated semetic people are people of both the Arab and Jewish races. In fact they are actually the same genetic race.
That haveing been said it makes the aparthied of Israel far worse than that of South Africa..!!

I used to think Jimmy Carter was our greatest ex-President. Now he’s just an embarrassment.

But, no, I don’t think he’s an anti-semite. I think he is blinded by his hatred of George Bush and has let that taint his once insightful view into Middle East politics. Example: Carter completely ignores what the Palestinians do to each other when Israel does make concessions. The Zulu and other black South Africans did not start killing each other when they gained freedom from apartheid in South Africa…nor were they intent on wiping out the Afrikanners. Those groups now peacefully coexist in South Africa.

The difference is that apartheid in South Africa was not based on millennia-old religious conflicts but was rather a result of colonialism of the 19th century. Apples and oranges, Mr. Carter. The comparison is simply not warranted. He should stick to building houses for the poor…that he did very well.

Because so many—Americans especially—have been brainwashed into believing that Zionism equals “rightness”.
In the U.S. press, Israelis are always “good” and the Palestinians are generally “evil” precisely because of who decides what info is fed to the press—and we all well know who determines this in America. Add some people’s idea that somehow, their imaginary deity has determined who is qualified to live where, and whom are his “Chosen People”, and the situation becomes uglier still.

Jimmy Carter has his views
They are not anti semetic just because he does not agree with Israel
Israel is not apartheid in the sense that South Africa was
It is protecting itself again agression coming from certain quarters in Palestine
It also gives lots of aid to Palestine OK?

the neo cons want to dominate the middle east, they don’t want this to be shown, the sooner people open there eyes and see what this guy says the better

It is so easy to tella small minded person.

Int he first three words somehow they get out neo con.

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