Ladies: Were you going to wait until marriage to have sex and didn’t?

What changed your mind? How did you feel when you did it and didn’t wait until marriage? Are you and that person still together?

that was once a promise that i made to myself… i started dating a guy who didn’t show his true self until we got really serious. he pressured me into having sex with him by using the phrase “i thought you trusted me”. i didn’t want to but i thought i loved him so i did. then he slowly revealed what kind of guy he really was.. a piece of Sh!t. so i eventually left him. but i don’t regret what happened because that experience taught me something and made me part of who i am today. i fully believe the saying “everything happens for a reason”

I was never planning on waiting but when I was 18 and still a virgin I thought why not! But then I graduated from High School and started to wild out and lost it to some loser. I think its best to wait until your ready and you found a guy who is worth it. I regret giving it to that player and I wish I would of given it to a long term boyfriend or something. But I dont think its the best choice to wait until marriage. You need to experience life and see what else is out their. I compare it to a pack of starbursts. Are you going to just try the first flavor on top or are you going to try every flavor? It may sound stupid but you need experience in order to be a good partner. Hope that helps!

yes, I was going to wait until marriage, but then I met my first boyfriend, I was 20, I loved him so much, we had plans to get married after college, he was a virgin too. And then it happened, we had sex, but in my mind, I was like, he’s the one that I will marry and I trusted him with all my heart. But after some time he broke up with me and told everybody that the reason why is because I wanted to have sex with all the time, he even said that our first time was my idea!!!! It was not true, we loved each other. It was very humiliating and very cruel. I loved him , that’s all, I never did anything wrong to him purposefully. It’s been 4 years now and I think he has another girlfriend now and he’s happy, I’ve been very unhappy since then, it’s so unfair…..

Yes. Then I got a boyfriend. We were talking about marriage within a month and in the heat of the moment told him to go buy some condoms. We’ve been married for 9 years, together 10.5.

I wanted to wait and made a promise (that I broke) to wait. Hormones changed my mind, that and thinking I was in love and he was “the one”. He was a great guy, but he wasnt “the one” I hoped he would be.
I regreted it, but once you do it, you cant EVER take it back.
Looking back, I know I could have waited and wish I would have.
No we are not together,and I am glad, I sooooo should have waited!

Yeah, but I was 12 when I had those crazy thoughts. I changed my mind when I realized I didn’t want to marry young, and I didn’t want to hit 30 being a virgin. And I was very much in love. No, we are not together anymore, thank God.

i know i’m a guy but i said i’d wait until i was married b4 i’d have intercourse but have recently broke that promise to my self…..i’m 27 tho so i think it’s almost understandable as I think it’s very difficult in this world to find a partner if you don’t do as everyone else is doing and I was getting depressed by my high morals so i thought it was easier to change myself than the world or to hope i’d meet the perfect woman in church which though it may happen i doubt it very much cos how on earth would you go about even asking out a girl who is so well know for her morals?
maybe i’m just a stupid ,kinda weak willed man though but i don’t think i’m too bad compared to many.

I was going to….but then I thought I met the man of my dreams (when I was 16!! ha!)…..I didn’t feel to bad about it afterwards and I still don’t regret it……I think anymore sexual chemistry is an important part of a good marriage… it’s best to find out if your compatible sexually before you get married

no. i had sex when i was ready and not when I was supposed to be traditionally ready. I’m not with him anymore and I felt pretty good about it. And I’m glad I did it because it opened up oppurtunities to discover other men in intimate ways. Ever man is a different sexual experience. Why miss out?

I waited and it was the best choice I ever made! And yes, we’re still married

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