My 3 Year Old Wakes Up Almost Every Night and Cries.. Why?

I will admit first that Yes he does have an eye for scary movies like his Mommy. Since the episodes of him waking up in the night, and crying, I have stopped him from watching those types of movies, thinking it would help. It didn’t. I also noticed that, after he wakes up, crying and yelling, he always gets up,…

First, it’s good he isn’t wetting the bed. Second, he should take AT LEAST one nap a day. My son turns 3 in February and both my son and my 5, soon to be 6, year old daughter sleep better at night if they take an afternoon nap. Third, stop with the scary movies. My wife’s cousins let their kits watch scary movies, we don’t. 5 kids between 2.5-8 and my two sleep the best. Regular sleep schedule, less fussy to go to sleep, and they sleep well without nightmares. The the others watch scary movies, grumpy to go to bed, and have nightmares once or twice a week. Lastly, no beverages within an hour of bed and let him urinate before bed. Oh, I forgot. Minimize stimulation at least two hours before bed. The TV isn’t bad but computers, video games, and touch screen devices are worst. They force interaction and keep the mind quite engaged. Sitting, talking, and hanging out helps them wind down from the day. Good luck.

My son is almost three too, three in April. We have had issues with monster these days. He’s been waking whilst too, round 11pm or so. Usually he’s been unconsolable. I asked him what it used to be. It used to be monsters in the closet, on the floor and underneath the mattress. We were invaded! 🙂 After about a month of this he instructed me that I wanted to make them go away. He told me I wanted to throw them out the window. So….. We grabbed them, crumpled them up and i opened the window and threw them out. That used to be about three days ago and we have had no issues with waking. I was speaking with a mom at the mall and her son is the same age as my son and so they’re dealing with the identical thing. In my view i’d propose to help her by means of it as a lot as you. I was feeling such as you too, I was 95% specific I wasn’t being manipulated into staying. I’m wondering if there is a correlation together with her age and the brand new little one? We have now a three month historical as good. My son is seeming to take it good though.

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