My wife left me in the waiting room at her doctor’s appointment. Was I wrong to call her rude?

My wife asked me to go to her cardiologist appointment and of course I was already going. When we sat down in the waiting room I was on my phone trying to find a bathing suit for our upcoming beach trip. I’m thinking she’s in the bathroom but when she doesn’t come back I send her a text asking…

More pressings matters are at hand: her heart

Sure you mightve wanted to hear what the dr said because youre worried, but approach this matter in a more compassionate way

It’s possible she told you but you were distracted so you didn’t hear her, or she thought she told you but she actually didn’t.

This all sounds like a misunderstanding, but I understand how you can be frustrated by what happened. Being her husband, you were concerned about your wife so you wanted to attend the appt to listen to everything.

It would be rude if she purposely didnt tell you she was going to the doctor’s office. But, she said she did. Like I said, it’s just a misunderstanding. I would just say I didnt know you told me you were going to the doctor’s office and i am sorry for saying you were rude.

Where was she SUPPOSED to leave you while she was in with the doctor, but in the waiting room? Please tell me that you did not expect to go into the doctor’s office with her.
Were you so wrapped up in your phone that you were unable to hear the nurse call your wife’s name, and see her get up and walk out of the waiting room with the nurse?
If anybody’s in the wrong here, you are.. You knew where she was and you knew she wasn’t going to go off somewhere and just leave you sitting there all day.

No right or wrong, simply two different perspectives about a situation. Rather than looking at who is to blame, why not look at why you reacted in this manner. Did you feel excluded from the consultation and felt you needed to be involved? Perhaps you are feeling frightened and uncertain about your wife’s health and this is manifesting itself in external frustration? In that moment, why did you decide to find a bathing suit rather that speak with your wife in the waiting room? Also take into consideration your wife’s feelings about her health. Perhaps she was expressing frustration because you were on the phone rather than simply sitting with her in the waiting room?

Based on your story and all those flippant responses you’ve been given people I’ve come to the conclusion that not only are you wrong, but you should not only apologize to your wife but to everyone else here for being a right ****.

If you can’t keep track of what is going on around well enough to know where your wife is, then just sit still and stay out of trouble until she comes back to get you and take you home. Don’t panic and start texting her; just wait patiently and she will come back for you. She isn’t going to forget about you and leave you.

This is a silly thing to fight about. You are both overreacting. Stop worrying about who’s right and wrong; it’s not worth it.

WTF? I don’t bring my partner into the ‘doctor’s room’ with me when I go for an appointment! Does ANYBODY?

Unless you are there to get news about a pregnancy or, Heaven forbid, a terminal diagnosis…the ‘doctor’s room’ is for between the patient and the doctor and not the patient and the doctor and the patient’s insecure, controlling and somewhat whiny partner .

Yes, you were wrong. You didn’t need to be back there with her. She wasn’t rude but you were.

good grief fighting over stupid stuff no wonder she needs a cardiologist. she asked you to come because she needed you there, and you were so busy on your phone you didn’t hear them call her or her to tell you to go with her. smarten up,., yes you were wrong, you should have apologized for being rude and not paying attention

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