Poll : Have you ever liked someone so much , and in the end you hated them to the guts till you blocked him/her out of your life 4ever ?

I met a guy in May . He was such a gentleman when we first met , walked me to my destination with an umbrella coz it was raining . And even said ” How can you find a guy like me ? ” sort of stuff . And things slowly changed … Now he’s so darn cold , and I really saw his true colors … Being crazy…

No ! All’s fair in love and war.The best option is to keep an open mind over relationships.Here today;gone tomorrow.

Yes. My ex bf. i loved him, until he cheated on me. Then the new girl he was with .. he cheated on her. He stalked me… asked friends about me.. and even had the audacity to message me asking me if I wanted to get a drink with him. That made me feel sick. That he’s a sad and pathetic person.

I’ve met women like that yeah

Yes . People seem to think they have to be a certain way when dating or at the beginning of dating.
So they pretend change and than all that creeps back in.
This is why you shouldn’t even consider marring till you dated at least a year.

Of course – unfortunately.

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