POLL: What’s your favourite soft drink?

Mine’s pineapple juice!! 🙂

I like orange juice!!
It’s not too sweet and not too sour.
Plus you get all the Vitamin C.

Grape Crush….
Is Pineapple Juice a soft drink?


Barqs root beer

And pineapple juice isn’t a soft drink

Pineapple Soda!!


Perrier water is my cutting-edge fave. The interesting element approximately Perrier water is that when you drink it, it somewhat is “ok”, yet as quickly as you end the bubbly goodness, you won’t be able to think of approximately something different than for a fashion slurpsome it replaced into.



Dr. Pepper.
Pineapple juice by the way, sweetens your bodily fluids. So like c u m. Or any genital fluids. So keep on drinking, you won’t need flavoured lube anymore. It acually works, I tried it, If you search it, websites will tell you the same. Jus sayin.

Shiner Bock

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