Poll. why are people so against gay marriage and gay couples adopting?

When me and my fiance ( both gay men ) get married, we hope to adopt lots of children 🙂
and we are loving people, what is so wrong with that ?


I’m not against gay marriage. I am against gays adopting, because YES scientifically you are detrimental to the development of a child if both parents are the same sex. Children need both strong masculine and feminine models in their life to develop healthy relationships, and I’m not saying you couldn’t find an outsider parent to fill the gap because that’s very possible.

Not an opinion, its fact. I’m not a religious fundamentalist I am an atheist.

I think the jury is mostly still out, research exists to support both sides of the argument for children’s developmental health in gay/lesbian couples. I personally wouldn’t risk developmental damage to a child, but you know that’s just how life is.


More power to you, assuming you can qualify for adoption (not everyone can, and some states, gay or straight, the qualification process is very strict).

I think same sex couples adopting kids and marrying is wonderful. I have no issue with it at all.

Fundies always use the “you’ll turn your kids gay” argument..

Epic fail.. If that were true, how come 100% of gay kids come from straight parents?

Because the worship a personification of authoritarian ideology.

Because apparently Bronze Age beliefs are relevant in the 21st century.

i might like for the government to get out of the marriage agency. comparable intercourse marriage is already recommended with the help of countless religions. uncertain why the approval desires to come back from the government.

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