Survey: What annoys you most on public transport?

In regards to manners, etiquette etc…

Please share your experiences below

The ones who never take a shower (or they just smell like they don’t) and persons who touch you and push you even if they have enough space.

People who wear too much aftershave/perfume.
People who sit and sniff rather than blow their nose.
People who sit next to me when there is a bus/train full of empty seats.
Lastly (not a manners thing or anything, just a personal gripe) getting on a bus/train and sitting on a seat which has recently been occupied – I hate sitting on pre-warmed seats!
May I also add I loathe people who pee on seats too! (Some do, I know because I happened to sit on a seat which had been peed upon – so I guess people who don’t tell others there is a wet seat (and this includes the driver!) is another annoyance.

I take the subway five out of seven days for work (have ridden it for 7+ years).

The people on their cell phones talking at the top of their lungs, this is probably my biggest issue. Loud talkers, in general.

Also, I can’t stand having my space invaded…you have your half of the seat, I have my half…stay on your side!

When there are empty seats, yet, you decide to sit next to me…wouldn’t you rather sit by yourself and have room to spread out? I would.

Oh and the body odor. Dear god, sometimes in the summer (not only the summer), the whole car will smell like a cheesesteak with onions topped with tuna.

Don’t get me started about the schoolkids that get on in the afternoon.

I could go on for days about this topic. lol

When the bus/train is busy and there are people standing, yet some ignorant pigs of people use the seat for their bags and don’t offer up their seat to anyone else, it’s damn right rude.

Rude people with no manners, kids messing about, and people who talk loud cause they want to be heard.

A) I truly have farted on public delivery. – 3 B) I truly have pretended to be a nutter on public delivery to sidestep having others sit down with me. – 2 ehehe :S C) I truly have pretended to be overseas or deaf to sidestep a communication with a stranger on public delivery. – 3 D) I truly have pretended to have fallen asleep on public delivery with a view to sidestep identifying to purchase a cost ticket. – 3 E) I truly have poked the guy sat in the front of me on public delivery, then pretended to be asleep. – 3 F) I truly have drawn a pretend beard and glasses on the face of a stranger who has fallen asleep next to me on public delivery. -3 G) I truly have blocked the rest room on public delivery through shoving a lot of loo paper down it. -3 H) I truly have had sex on public delivery. -3 ew I) i’m now planning between the above activities next time i’m on public delivery. – 3 noo way J) i’m disgusted through this questionnaire, yet have were given this far interpreting it, tutting and being commonly outraged…-a million lol ok) i’m now going to list this question because i think my self-righteousness has been challenged through the previous question. i’m slightly unhappy and prefer to loosen up slightly. a lot of Yahoo solutions factors truly count number to me. – 2

People talking on cell phones and teenagers not giving up a seat for old people.

People who push you, people who stink and those people who stay in front of the door and stop you to get out/in, even if the rest of the bus is empty >.<

When kids cry ridiculously loud, when I’m sitting next to a sick person, also when the person next to me is asleep and starts leaning on me.

Drunks, smelly people, people chatting loudly on their phone and people standing with backpacks on which are deadly. I have been whacked on the head often by them.

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