True or False: McDonald`s make people fat?

Oh yes yes yes. If you saw the documentary “Supersize Me” you would know that not only does it make you fat, but by eating too much can cause liver problems, kidney failure, depression, impotense, lack of energy, and many other problems.

This guy did a documentary where he ate nothing but Mcdonalds for a month, after 3 weeks the doctors told him that if he continues, he would die. Watch out. That place may taste good, but its dirty. “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

EDIT: And to those who say it is false- People do not make themselves fat. Food does. People go to a fastfood restaurant. Go to a healthy one and it won’t make you fat. Go to a not healthy one and it will. What the questioner asked is does McDonald’s make people fat. While there is nothing that makes you fat after one meal, eating a lot of Mcdonald’s makes you more fat than eating a lot of most food places.

Only true if you eat at McD’s too regularly. Some British doctors discovered that eating an occasional, big fatty meal is good for us. It makes our hearts work hard, filtering our blood of the bad oils, which strengthens it. But you can’t eat junk food regularly – that just puts too much pressure on your heart, so it can’t clean your arteries properly. This weakens the muscle, and bad cholesterol builds up in your blood. You don’t necessarily have to be fat, either. Thin people with high metabolisms can have high cholesterol – it’s an interior thing. And some fat people may not have a problematic cholesterol level – many over weight people i know have good scores. Obviously the extent of this varies from person to person – some people are born with stronger hearts than others. Anywaaay,, sorry i went a bit off the subject lmao, the worse food at McD’s is the crappy bread. It’s so processed – i bet it’s hardly seen cereal grains lol. My favorite thing to order would probably be just a burger. But i’m not a huge fan of the place, i’m accustomed to proper food!

False: You can have McDonald’s sometimes. But having it constantly can be a horrible thing. People make themselves fat by not taking care of themselves and not watching what they eat. The same goes for any other restaurant.

McDonald’s never made me fat, and I was there daily for 3 of those $1 double cheeseburgers, and a sundae with triple hot fudge.
I just didn’t sit around on a lard-*ss when I got back home. After I ate, I would do thing outside that needed attention.
Called ‘excercise’ by doing everyday things.

April, is that a mullet you have on? That’s hot.

It’s not McDonald’s that is making people fat. It is the consumer’s intake of 3 Big Macs and a super-sized french fry with diet coke that makes people fat.

False. No one forces someone to eat McDonald’s until they get fat.

McDonald’s and other Fast Food Restaurants are “accessories to commit obesity.” They don’t make people fat directly, they offer Fat food to people living life in the Fast lane!

People make themselves fat.
Of course, they are also responsible for where they eat when dining out.
So… False.


people with bad judgement and bad control over themselves eat mcdonalds, thus making themselves fat

False. People make themselves fat.

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