What are the similarities and differences between the three water signs: Scorpio, Cancer Pisces ?!?

I’ve been dating Cancer and Pisces and I have done some mistakes like being too intense and direct and pushy.
Now I’m kinda into Scorpio guy and I want to know how is he similar and different to the other 2 water signs, so I could avoid making the same mistakes again.

Scorpio is more intense and direct. Whereas Cancer and Pisces are more concerned about your feelings and not hurt you in anyway. Cancer is ruled by the moon (emotions and feelings) they are extremely caring and loyal but can be extremely moody (so you must learn to deal with their moods), Pisces is into arts, spiritual, dreamy, and compassionate ruled by Neptune which gives them the ability to be more understanding similar to Cancer. Scorpio like i said will tell you straight up how they feel even if it means hurting you (they will say sorry when they get over it tho). Cancer and Pisces are more sensitive in a way that you must be careful with what you say with them. Scorpio is more direct and are more hard to break their hearts (they will not show you their vulnerable side, they are stronger emotionally than the other two).

Three Water Signs

Water signs are cool people, I havent had any close water sign friends. I know two Scorpios well. One is same bday as me, and the other late october. Both were cool people, but I never had any emotional talks with them. Infact the most emotional guy I ever met is a virgo/leo cusp. Out in public he was a big show off, but oh man turned into a girl for a few months haha. but hes still my friend. I know one pisces im cool with him. But sometimes im too much for him.

I’m a capricorn lady and I’ve been in a long relationship between men of this three signs over different years.
Cancer man is sweet,sensitive and reassuring.You will never feel emotionally insecure.However,it takes too slow for them to decide practically in anything.Being a capricorn,I’m never reckless in my decisions but I always have my deadlines..Well Cancer beats my record.In making Decisions?Could either be you or me.
Scorpio man is sexy,smart ,strong and loyal but is too controlling. We agreen on the career paths,practical choices and money matters but as to who’s incharge? He won’t give you a chance.In making decisions? Most of the time its always “I”.
Pisces is different.He’s sensitive and reassuring too like Cancer. Very intuitive though,and believe me,I have the feeling that he can read my mind.He knows when to take the reign in a relationship. He’s not too demanding.Though,you have to be as sensitive as him in order to make him emotionally secure.They’re secretive.In making decisions,it’s “We.”:)

Whoa big difference. Pisces and cancer, are really nothing like scorpios. Scorpios will hold there ground, and Leos well you have to win a scorpios trust first. Leos and Scorpios are either huge mistakes, or like you cant believe how great youre toghter. I would stray away from an ego war, because it cant be won, and if you did youd feel pretty bad about it. Anyways, keep your ego in check, he will love your generous side and dont ever stop it, but you have to win his trust. You win his trust, he will have your back always, and thats when he gives you the good stuff and spoils the hell out of you.

They are all water and henceforth emotional. Scorpio , fixed and penertrating. Cancer, cardinal and moody, can hide behind a shell. Pisces, mutable and swims through the see of emotion.

Sometimes Scorpio guy needs space, he usually won’t come out and say that, because hes thinking deeply and has a lot of patience as a Scorpio female I sometimes need space and a promise of commitment even when it seems like were having a hard time. Committment is a big deal.

Cancer likes all types. Pisces is kinda picky.

Of the three water signs, you’ve met your match with the Scorpio. They are into control and power and will stand up to your intensity and pushiness with directness – the likes of which you will not believe. You might actually enjoy it – ha, ha.

Pisces are push-overs and Cancers are very indirect – not so with a Scorpio.

There is a lot of differene in three water signs viz. scorpio..mars.firy & excited character, Cancer…Moon sensitive,emotional, Pisces.. jupiter.. pious, impatient, . If u really believe in astrology u must get ur birth chart checked from an expert astrologer & specialy compatability, so that u may not hv to repent. BRHANDA, astro vastu consultant

u really like the water signs i remember some of ur posts from wayyy back…anyways…ive always been in love da real deal with water signs only. our major similiarities…we get close to people who we feel we r most comfortable with really quick. that builds a very strong unbreakable bond..thats why water signs wen together r so close….its like two become one..hence water right..so by becomign so close to someone we love this feeling that ure always with us for us will never leave or betray us forever..i love that feeling i get with pisces n scorpio especially scorpios omg its something really solid n out of this world. So being this close to someone can cause issue. then ure directly affecting the person with everything u do…water signs make some of the best partners i swear ull c them paired off with every diff sign of the zodiac..im in love with with them. they r intuitive i love how scorpio will talk things out he’ll tell u about ur behavior how it affects the relationship like a father talkin to a child..almost lol..its kinda sexy actually wen im throwing my emotional fit n he doesn’t give in then later he;ll wanna discuss things. if its not done like that we;d b no where..thats another thing to like sometimes u feel water signs aren’t invested iits always about the connection. they usually have alot goin on in their head…n r always feeling alot…within themselves n others..il stop here

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