What do you really get out of participating in Yahoo answers ?

What does Yahoo answers mean to you ?

thanks & Happy Eve All D 🙂

Zzid…………….Lifelong friendships! Pretty cool, huh? ;-D

well when i have questions and i don’t feel like typing it in to a search bar and go to a million different websites I type my question in at yahoo answers and get the answer in a couple hours. I get a good laugh at some of the questions and even some times i cry. And a lot of times I learn a lot of things

I get a lot…. most of it not so good.
Good… friends, others who sometimes appreciate my help and some fun, but not like it use to be.
Bad… I got too upset with Yahoo Answers and all the BS that goes on. It really upsets me when friends get violations and suspensions and it’s not a good thing.

It’s not like it use to be and I really don’t like being on Yahoo Answers anymore. Too much greed of points, levels and such. Too much reporting and vindictive people. When you get more anger and upset than you do laughs and fun, it’s not a good thing.

Yahoo answers itself means nothing to me. People I met on Yahoo Answers mean something to me.

I have met a lot of great people on here!!! I have talked with people who have reached out in emails and told me amazing stuff about themselves!!! I have seen that there is a love/power/energy whatever you wanna call it that is really positive on here no matter how many trolls try to stop it!!! I have found friendship when I am lonely!!! The Q and A’s are fun and all but the best part is the people.:)

I was searching for something one day on the net and a yahoo answers question was asking the same question I had. I logged in to my Yahoo account and discovered Yahoo answers to be very fun and have been hooked ever since.

I keep coming back here mainly because of my great contacts and the smiles they bring me on a daily basis with their questions and answers. Yahoo! Answers has given me the opportunity to interact with some great people. I love the questions my contacts ask….and I love the answers they provide to some of my slightly crazy questions! Some of my contacts have become good friends….and I try to keep in touch with some of them regularly through e-mail as well….although, as you will know, I am not *always* reliable that way! lol

Many of my friends here have brought smiles to my face on many occasions when I really needed it….and I am grateful to them for that!

It used to be just a way to pass the time at work more quickly. However, some of the questions here have really caused me to think about things in ways I hadn’t before.

Also, it feels good knowing I’ve helped someone with something, whether it’s their homework or what color to paint something or what they should cook

Hi, Dizz!
Some days, Y!A means anger, disgust and frustration.
Some days it means laughter, and good questions to answer,
and the company of good friends.
ALL days, it means this is where I met and formed friendships
with some of the dearest,kindest, funniest! people…!
They have become an important part of my life.
No matter whether Y!A lives or dies, these are my friends now.
That won’t change.

In the long run, that is what I will remember. };>

Girl, you know why I am here! I love my contacts & the wonderful friends I have made! Plus I still get a kick outta some of the Q & A’s sometimes. There is something addicting about it too, that keeps drawing me back in, but I truly think it is the people 🙂

I get the same feeling of belonging to a fellowship and being helpful that I get in AA. I just can’t afford to get the two confused. Yahoo is strictly entertainment. AA allows me to participate in Yahoo by keeping my butt out of detox, hospitals, jails,etc.

Again Y/A has brought me alot of great contacts, gave me the chance to learn & share while I am still at home taking care of my kids. Waking up knowing I will have emails, knowing if I have a problem or if I have some knowledge to share I can do that. And so much more, thanks again.

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