What is the difference between muslim extremists, and extreme right wing christian conservatives?

One side is a group of fanatical, hate driven, misogynistic, bigots that want to destroy this country and purge the world of all non believers…. And the other side uses suicide bombers. Honestly I can barely tell them apart, are there any other major differences I should be on the lookout for?

Ummmm…the way they dress?

Sorry, that’s all I can think of.

The difference between those false religions extremist is :0,0000000 , still it can be felt as a real event, they are very violent people, extremist are they come in all shape and all faiths , not all explodes others or themselves, but they will kill in the name of whatever god they think to be the representants off, those peoples belong either in some psychiatric clinic for life, or in another world altogether, along with rapists & pedophiles

Muslim extremists will blow the whole lot of you up while right wing extremists will only take out your right arm.

There is nothing as a muslim extremist in islam. They are muslims.

Muslims do whatever they are doing by following the quran

“Muslim terrorists fight illegal invaders”

We all know that the terrorists have attacked and bombed several places that were not muslim invaded territories. When did the Russians, the Spanish, the Indians etc become illegal invaders?

Muslims even fight their own people as there is some race to be the majority group to get into paradise. Heard of how a certain muslim sect bombed the Ahmadiya mosque in Pakistan? The examples of muslims killing muslims is quite big.

Excuse me, but there are lots of fanatical groups that want to do the same. It’s not just a religious thing. While the wrath of God is pretty severe, many people, regardless of race or religion, also have unfathomable rage within.

Wow that’s a powerful statement , maybe you should get everyone together to write a new constitution. There must be a majority of right wingers out there just rolling through this country like jolly green giants. With the liberal controlled media they should announce a civil war. Attica! Attica!

Not much, both are usually plagued by fanatics that know how to control a crowd made up of low income, poorly educated, and easily misled people. Both are equally evil. PERIOD

Nothing really. The live in different cultures, but they do the same kind of thing.

Christian conservatives dont blow up people who do their shopping in supermarkets


@Irish Girl… Ever heard of the IRA… or wait… massacres at shopping malls using automatic weapons.

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