What is the real reason Obama’s job approval ratings are trending down?

The trend line for those who approve is trending down and the trend line for those who disapprove is trending up. Why??


Because the bailouts have never been particularly popular. With all the press l the press about the bonuses, people are very cranky.

But, given that most of what Obama has been doing, and is doing, and will do, are all things majorities of citizens want, he’ll most likely continue to be popular.

Notice the spreads of data points around the trend lines: for the approval, the change is well within the margin of error, and may not even be real. The disapproval increase does seem higher than MoE.

Empty promises. By now I thought there would be dancing in the streets, the Dow would be at 20,000, jobs would be plentiful, and the troops would be home. Well let us see, no dancing, Dow below 10000, and the war is still on, the only change, well I heard Obama put new drapes in the Oval office.

There is a techincal adjustment to all popularity polls. You have an elected candidate who begins with a strong “benefit of the doubt.” Most new presidents are not known in any meaningful way to the nation. No matter who the elected president is or does, the approval rating “should” decline. It is like a technical selloff of a stock or person.

DOW down, Government spending WAY Up, Picks for his administration are abyssmal – staffing at Treasury is still not up to speed and they are the ones who should be working on our economic problems – and the people are seeing that his rhetoric is only so much hot air. His numbers will get way worse.

Obama looks like a chicken with its head cut off running around not knowing what to do!

For all those people who are saying dumb things, it is because that is how it works with every presidency. If you were older than 16, you would have been alive and aware long enough to see this happen. Approval numbers drop after every election because people are so pumped on all the promises, and want them immediately, but don’t get them immediately, so they get upset. Guess what guys, he hasn’t even been President for 100 days, and it will take even longer than 100 days to make serious policy changes and see the results, oh my gosh! Grow up.

Because the economy and the country are both trending down and he’s the one in charge.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are fewer people who support him and more people who disapprove of him. Happens to every president.

The economy doesn’t look like it will be fixed any time soon.
He wanted to have private health insurance cover battle wounds of military. (He backed down, though, thank God.)
He is spending like a mad man.
He can’t assemble a cabinet.
He can’t speak without a teleprompter.
He isn’t going to end the Iraq war as soon as he promised, and is leaving many, many troops there.

Let me know if you actually need more. The reasons are endless.

For any other president it would be the fact he is backing out of a lot of promises and that faith in his ability to bring forth the “CHANGE” is dwindling. Nor has he shown any great leadership skills through his first months in the White House.

But in Obama’s case it is supposedly just blatant racism.

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