What is the study of religious history called?

I am beginning my undergraduate studies at university this fall. I still am uncertain of what path I want to take my career… so I am just researching several different ones at the moment.

Something that has always highly interested me is religion… but not from a religious, biblical perspective. I am not a…

Theology is the study of religion, past and present.

I don’t think many jobs come from a degree in it. You’d be better to go for a Degree in Philosophy, and have Theology as your minor.

EDIT: Your best bet in a job, if you choose to get a degree in Theology, would be to minor in Archaeology, Ancient Languages, and History. Becoming a Teacher in the Subject at a University. Or becoming an Expert at Archaeological fields. As well as working in teams to better represent the history of such peoples as the Egyptians

theology is not the study of religion but is the study of God so not necessarily religious history – you would be best doing a course on history focusing on a time dominated by religious rule i.e. crusades history, church reform history, holy wars of all faiths, most wars throughout history until recently have religious undertones to them likewise most societies


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