What’s the difference between faith and blind faith?

If your faith isn’t blind, isn’t it knowledge, not faith?

faith is faith
it does not require knowledge or proof
do i guess there is no REAL difference even though others are gonna say otherwise

Blessings. Blind faith is a credulousness, disposition to believe , it’s when you know that you know some thing no matter what other tells you and this is not an emotion, but an over trustfulness acceptation and a wishful thinking While faith is, in fact, something that you and I exercise every day in our lives. And we’ve exercised it from the very moment we were born. I suppose it’s true that your mother even encouraged you to feel that we could trust her when we lay in her arms. And we learned day by day that was true, she would not drop us, that she was reliable, and we could put our faith in her arms, Have you ever considered what faith is? Or what process we go through to believe in something or someone? Are you aware of faith or belief in your everyday life? Think a moment about the next breath you take. Are you sure there isn’t anything in the air you take into your lungs which might damage your health? Surely, if you look around your environment, you can’t always see or smell any gas or fumes that might harm you. Only if a new smell was found, would you perhaps be a little worried. Would you ever consider this to be “a leap of faith”? Believe is when you know that jesus has put faith in your heart that you may know Him and believe that he is the Son of God . Gods knows every thing and he knew from the very beginning whom were going to believe and whom weren’t. Faith is trusting accepting and believing God for who he say he is While surrender is giving up every thing to God so he can have his way on our life , is when you accept this will for your life which is his purpose for us. Surrendering to the Lord is like breaking down back to the feet of the cross telling the Lord that you cannot make it on your own we need his Holy spirit to guide, teach and to protect us, it’s to many temptation all around us and if we do not stand and believe God we would go ashtray this is what our enemy wants , it’s up to us to choice life or death, as for me and my household i will praise the Lord and choice life and light. Very uplifted, and an eye opener, question. Peace to all.

There’s no such thing as blind faith, that’s a misnomer, and an oxymoron. If you were to have what people think of as ‘blind faith’, it would actually be called credulity. The definition of credulity is:
“readiness or willingness to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence”

the Bible’s definition of faith is:
“Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Pretty much. I’ve used this example a couple times, but let me one more time. I have a Rottweiler. I have witnessed him in action, and KNOW that if you approach me with intent to harm, he’ll bite you, end of story. I have faith in him to protect me, because I KNOW he will, to the death if need be. Now, I have spent several years in a church seeking God and his comfort, and have never received. I know many of you will tell me I wasn’t looking with all my heart, but don’t go there. It might upset you to know that someone can need, love, respect, and want God with all their heart, and not find him, but sorry, it is true. Believing in God is blind faith. Unless he personally appeared to you, and if that happened, don’t tell anyone, or you’ll end up institutionalized.


blind faith- belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination

faith- confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability. 2 belief that is not based on proof

“Blind faith is faith without evidence, which would be superstition. The Bible does not call us to blind faith. The Bible calls us to faith in evidence. We submit that various truth claims, including Christianity, should be evaluated on the evidence.”

So start reading people that have spent their lives studing the Bible.

The Dude,

Sometimes there is no difference . . .

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

You have faith that the bus driver will take you where you are to go. You have faith that your money will be good tomorrow.

Faith may be the one thing Humans do well.

You could have Faith in a boxing match or a horse race that who you picked would win (So, basically, you’re believing your odds win).

Blind Faith is believing in something that currently cannot be supported (Ie. God or Aliens being real).

But thats just my opinion, everyone has their own.

The evidence of faith is in the creation. Everything in creation points to a creator. You WOULD be blind if you could not see this.

I don’t think there is a difference-faith entails setting aside logic and objectivity so it has to be blind to factual evidence.

faith is already blind there is nothing to do with knowledge. if there is knowledge then it doesnot mean faith . it means you know it, not faith in it. so faith means blind believing …ı did try my best but ı am not sure could ı explain it well

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