Which one is crueler..mr. saddam hussein or mr bush??

Saddam kills thousand of people so do mr bush….is it fair if they just hang mr saddam to death but let mr bush enjoy his life killing more people

LOL, I believe it depends on which one killed you!!

Saddam had a prison in Baghdad during his reign where he held and tortured the children of Iraqi’s who displeased or opposed him. He invaded and raped Kuwait. He ordered his thug servants to use poison gas on his own civilian populations. He ignored the UN resolutions passed against him and bribed France and other countries to block any efforts to hinder his evil. I will take Mr Bush any day over Sodamn Insane. Hanging is too good for the latter. Saddam was a monster.

Saddam Hussein is a lot worse he killed 2 million people brought about genocide against the Kurdes and Marsh Arabs he began a conflict with Iran and killed a million million people their utilizing poison gasoline and bombs he hangs people and photographs people he invaded Kuwait and the WMD have been poison gasoline and that they did locate them! Bush isn’t a similar sure he’s a homophobe and a plutocrate yet he in basic terms had people killed in a conflict against a evil guy and his occasion! i did not vote for bush and that i’m a democrate not a leftist fool! like the I hate u . s . crowd.

Saddam Hussain is crueler than Bush

Saddam was a Keller he kill thoUSAnds of his own peoples so i have to say Saddam. bush is doing thing according to the USA laws and he had a lot of supports so if you hang bush you would also have to have every one in his Cabernet and congress . you see how silly your question is we don’t kill our president here in the usa . where i disagree with every thing bush have done in Iraq i would never vote to have a American president executed . that crazy

They are both bad in their own way, only Saddam is a little more intelligent. I wonder about their fondness for wars. Ever tally up the number of people Bush put to death as Governor of Texas ?

Saddam, you my friend have insulted all those who were tortured dismembered, raped and crushed to death with that posting even posting that question shows your ignorance. Or worse your bigotry, Go back to your hate group and ask to be allowed to go back to school.

Saddam is worse, and you cant compare, President Bush’s
action to Saddam. Return to your hiding place.

Saddam is crueler. Bush is just dumb.

Seems like shallow thinking to me. You’ve identified the what, but nothing else.


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