Who’s your favorite Molina brother:Bengie,Jose,or Yadier?

Lol,just curious.

*You star,you get a thumbs up =]

1. Yadier
2. Bengie
3. Jose
1. Bengie
2. Yadier
3. Jose

Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina

I have to say Bengie! He helped the angels so much while he was here, i mean the WS and all that.
I also liked Jose when he was in the angels too, he was a sub for Bengie 🙂

Yadier is a darn good catcher too

Bengie Molina.

Bengie also known as Big Money Molina here in San Francisco

Actually Im a DIE – HARD CUBS fan, so Bengie, Jose or Yadier are not my friends. I don’t wish them any bad luck, especially when not playing my Cubbies, but I’m so gung ho on them going far into the playoffs this year and anyone that is going to step in their way, I’m not too happy to hear.

i like Yadier, despite being a Cubs fan, the guy has a cannon for an arm, can hit for a 300 average and has some pop in his bat whats not to like


I think Yadier is by far the best, and he is also my favorite. I’m not a Cardinals fan…I just like watching him play more, and I will give credit where credit is due.

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