Why can the US have nuclear weapons but North Korea & Iran can’t?

For the record, I am 100% for the US, our leaders and our military. Also, I definitely think North Korea and Iran shouldn’t be allowed to have nukes, but honestly it does seem like a double standard. If we had no nukes and somebody else did, we certainly would be trying hard to protect ourselves and get them.

Both countries have proven to be unstable.

I don’t think anyone should have nukes.

In defense, I will say this. The United States has shown over the decades a more responsible use and possession of nuclear means.

The US, Russia, China and other countries, the “super-powers” started out with nukes. Then came the phrase “Mutually Assured Destruction”, basically you fire nukes, we fire nukes, everyone dies. Since that time, back in the early 80’s, these super-powers have started to get rid of the weapons as best they can. Unfortunately, we will never be able to get rid of all of them, because we don’t know if the other guys still have some of their’s.

Imagine this. Four rival gang members are standing on a very busy, downtown street corner. Each one of them has a grenade. It started in the middle of the night. They were all alone, but know they can’t move, they are rooted in place because they don’t know what the others will do. Slowly, a few other gang members see what is going on, and they start looking for grenades. The original four, don’t want any more people to have grenades. They know that they have an understanding at the moment. No one pulls their pin, and everything will be fine. But what happens if someone else comes along, looking for a grenade? What happens if that person gets a grenade… and they are absolutely, freaking nuts?

Fine, let North Korea & Iran have nukes. Iran will then try to take over Iraq by using the nukes and we’ll go into a nuclear war. While that is happening, Iran will give nukes to the terrorists who will (most likely) succeed in bringing the nukes in through Mexico and attack us in the big cities like NY, Dallas, and Seattle. There’s no telling what Korea will do, probably attack South Korea. Since they can’t build missles worth crap (we saw that on July 4), they won’t be able to attack us. The point is, we don’t allow nations to have nukes that will (more then likely) use them on their own people or on other countries just for fun.

Cuz nuclear weapons kill people, dumb*ss! We are a peaceful nation. We don’t go out trying to conquer territory and annex and enslave other countries. North Korea, on the other hand, has wanted to take over South Korea ever since the end of the Korean war when they were trying to do just that. And Iran is run by Islamic fundamentalists who want to spread their personal choice of religion over the rest of the world and force it on other people whether they like it or not. Besides, the leader of North Korea hates Israel and wants to destroy their whole country. And we already know that North Korea has fired missiles in our direction, one of them ending up near Hawaii.
The bottom line, though, is that whoever has the nuclear weapons is most likely to survive the war if some ****** does decide to start some crap, so we want to be the ones with them, and that’s all there is to it.

That issue is decided as a group by the members of the United Nations. If they are convinced that a country with nuclear weapons will not pose a threat to other countries, then they do not press that country to disarm. The link below will show that several countries, not just the United States, have nuclear weapons, and the UN has not decided to make an international issue out of it.

North Korea and Iran are entirely different cases because the international community does not have the same level of confidence over their level of responsibility.

I’ve actually been wondering the same thing for quite sometime, and you make a good point with the ‘just trying to protect themselves’. As a matter of fact, an article about Iran in the latest Reader’s Digest made light of the fact that to Iranians, we’re an aggressive nation and power hungry. Now, if I were in their shoes, I would completely see the good side of armoring myself with a nuclear warhead.

I think that what the U.S. needs to do is make the first grand gesture by disarming themselves before telling other nations to disarm. Then, we can earn the good faith of Iran at least (North Korea’s an entirely different matter… I don’t think we can win the good faith of a crazy person….)

i do no longer think of all people could have nukes. In protection, i visit declare this. the U. S. has shown over the numerous years a greater to blame use and possession of nuclear capacity. the U. S., Russia, China and different worldwide places, the “super-powers” began with nukes. Then got here the word “jointly certain Destruction”, certainly you hearth nukes, we hearth nukes, all people dies. considering that factor, back in the early 80’s, those super-powers have began to do away with the weapons as terrific they are able to. regrettably, we basically isn’t waiting to do away with all of them, via fact we don’t understand if the different men nevertheless have a number of their’s. think of this. 4 rival gang participants are status on an exceedingly busy, downtown highway corner. each of them has a grenade. It started in the midst of the evening. They have been all on my own, yet understand they are able to’t circulate, they’re rooted in place via fact they do no longer understand what the others will do. Slowly, some different gang participants see what is going on, and that they initiate searching for grenades. the unique 4, do no longer choose from now on human beings to have grenades. They understand that they have got an understand-how on the 2d. no person pulls their pin, and each thing would be large. yet what happens if somebody else comes alongside, searching for a grenade? What happens if that individual gets a grenade… and that they are actually, freaking nuts?

North Korea is a communist country so they cant be trusted with nukes,Iran hates America so America doesnt like the idea of Iran having nukes just in case Iran turns nasty.The US is a civilized country and can be trusted with nukes and only use them when they are really needed thats my opinion.

Iran has no problem giving nukes to terrorists and N. Korea is an unstable nation lead by an unstable leader. Not to mention the whole Korean war thing.

This is one of those eternal questions people ask themselves, why can the United States do things that other countries would be punished for?

In my opinion, the United States has established itself as a watchdog over the whole world. If their interests may be in jeopardy, they will step in and take care of business. A long time ago, to many, their decisions were justified. However, today, their decisions are not as justified and not everyone believes they stand for the right thing.

They just cant have another government, that is hostile in ideology and diplomacy, to the United States and its allies have nuclear weapons because they could be used against them. Its all in self-interest really. Its all about being more powerful than everybody else.

The US is responsible in the use of nuclear weapons unlike North Korea and Iran who are about to use it for some other means.

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