Why do you star questions?

BQ: Would you star this question.

I only star quetions when I love the users.

1/ For bookmarks.

When you go through your “My networks activity” tab all the questions that your contacts have asked (assuming you have any) and that you’ve starred become highlighted (bookmarked) the star icon turns yellow.
Just shows which questions you’ve already attended, saving you time by eliminating the need to open them to check.

2/ Interest.

I will star it if it’s a good question that I would want to share with my contacts, because I’m certain some of my contacts follow the ‘starred questions’ folder, particularly if the question is relevant to them, this can and has happened.

That’s all.
I’m not interested in the points value.

i feel funny not doing so
sometimes i leave the
question without a stat
then come back & star it
BQ – Yes

I star questions if they get me thinking, if I find them interesting/funny, if I want others to see and answer them, if it’s good and it’s a contact, why not.


i star if i answer so my contacts can see the question

I hardly ever do but I may do it if I want to come back to a interesting question later.

No sorry

Either the question is good or funny or I want someone to see my smart azz answer

I star questions because they’re interested.

And as for Back question, no.

I star it if I like it

BQ: You bet I will >:D

To ecnourage stimulating/challenging questions and award the askers for doing so

Sure, it doesn’t cost me anything. x

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