Why is Obama losing the support of Health Care professionals?

How do liberals like the term “mass exodus”?

Health-care sector defecting to GOP?

Health-care sector defecting to GOP?

Health professionals, bolting from the American Medical Association’s pro-reform position, have become the strongest supporters of the Tea…

Obama never really had the support of Health Care professionals. the AMA represents less than 1/3 of America’s physicians and half of those are retired. In fact, the American Medical Student Association endorses Universal Healthcare Reform.

Obama’s crowing about his health care debacle shows how totally out of touch he is with the American people. Polls show that 58 percent of likely voters believe that ObamaCare is bad for the United States and 73 percent think the health care law will hurt the economy.

The facts speak for themselves, here are the top ten failures of ObamaCare after only six months:

1. Premiums Have Gone Up: Obama promised that families will pay less for their healthcare premiums under his plan. Quite the opposite has happened. Insurance companies are making double-digit rate increases to consumer premiums in anticipation of the cost of new mandates by ObamaCare.
The estimated premiums rate increase for consumers is between 1% and 9%, a direct impact from the new regulations.

2. You Can’t Keep Your Current Plan And Doctor: Businesses will be forced to change their employees’ healthcare plans in order to meet the new regulations. An estimated 69% of businesses will be forced to change their plans, forcing countless millions of Americans to change plans and doctors.

3. National Budget Deficit Is Worse: Sixty-one percent (61%) of all voters nationwide say the healthcare law will increase the federal deficit.

4. More Children Are Uninsured: Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Inc. and other insurance agencies are dropping child-only policies, citing huge, unexpected costs from ObamaCare.
An estimated half a million children in the United States will be affected by the policies.

5. Small Business Taxes Increased: Small businesses—the engine of the U.S. economy—are suffering from increased tax filing regulations and anticipated healthcare mandates. Over 40 million small businesses will be required to file new tax reports for health care. The tax credit for the regulations only covers one-tenth of these business’s losses.

6. Small Businesses Health Care Burden Increased: Almost half of all smaller employers are anticipating “significant increases in healthcare costs in the short term.” These business owners are likely to cut back on hiring and expansion because they fear a new healthcare burden.

7. More Government Spending: The Congressional Budget Office has already adjusted the cost for ObamaCare since it passed, adding another $115 billion to the taxpayer’s tab. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has adjusted upwards its cost prediction since the bill took effect from 6.1% per year to 6.3%. By 2019, U.S. spending on health care will reach $4.6 trillion.

8. Senior Citizens Suffer from Medicare Cuts: The Medicare Advantage program which covers nearly a quarter of seniors will cut plans from $3-$5,000 per beneficiary. Doctors are refusing to take seniors because Medicare only covers part of their bills.

9. Minorities Get Worse Health Care: ObamaCare forces 16 million Americans into Medicaid, a poorly performing welfare program. The President considers moving Hispanic and blacks into Medicaid an improvement in their healthcare. No one else does.

10. Democrats Losing Elections: Current polls show that 61% of likely voters want the bill repealed and the Tea Party movement has demonstrated America’s anger toward ObamaCare. The primaries this summer have shown that Americans are voting for members of congress who will repeal Obamacare.

At the White House Rose Garden bill signing six months ago, Vice President Joe Biden told the President that Obamacare is a “big f—ing deal.” Biden was correct. ObamaCare is a big f—ing deal; it is the death-knell of this liberal presidency. o_O

Because before long the only ones they will be treating are those on Medicade and they cannot make any money doing that. Government has already cut payments to doctors. Soon there will be no private health insurance, because people like me, that have had their own health insurance for a lifetime, cannot afford it anymore. My insurance company raises rates every six months. They have for years. The last straw was after Obama care kicked off on Sept 23, I got a notice from my insurer that my premiums will rise by $42.00 a month to a grand total of $502.00 per month. They pay 3 doctor visits per year, and nothing else. My deductible is $5,000.00. I can not pay it any longer. ALL premiums have shot through the roof, I know, because I have been shopping around. Soon, only government health insurance will be available. Very soon. Enjoy Obamacare!

They know what a debacle it will be. Anyone with any brains can see this. We need health care reform NOT Health care overhaul. Insurance would go down if we could buy across state lines. Tort reform helped Texas. But no, Obama wants to go down in history as the man who pushed health care control down the throats of unwilling citizens. Why can’t we do a little adjusting before we dump the whole thing in the Governments hand. Remember they want control of 1/7 of the health care economy. It is all about money and our care will suffer.
I say all elected officials should have the same policy or stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

Unfortunately Obama seems to be surrounded by a large number of people blinded by the charismatic nature of him. They will not question his judgment and therefore will not listen. We have to make Congress and the Senate listen by assuring them that they will be out of a job if this is voted in. Polls say the majority is against this reform act.

I can think of lots of reasons why this POS insurance bill is not popular.

Wonder what would be the response if they’d tried to change health CARE instead of health INSURANCE.

Because Obama care is no good for anybody except the progressive axis of evil

Because they are afraid of falling incomes and being pressured between that and their medical school debt. If they don’t make more money, they will not be able to ever pay back their medical school loans, just like the rest of us are squeezed by credit card debt and falling home values and the specter of foreclosure. They are also pressured by falling home values and falling incomes against rising prices and the specter of rising income taxes.

One snotty answer is for them to “learn to live within their means” and STFU!

Because these are people that took risks financially, personnally etc and took on alot of debt to stay in school and earn their doctor’s license. Its expensive and its difficult.
He wants to dictate their businesses to them in terms of price fixing, etc. This government already has price fixed so much medicare services that when you factor in labor costs and insurance, a doctor can’t even afford to accept medicare patients and now they want to do basically the same things with ALL patients.

In a free market, the laws of supply and demand would work itself out and things wouldn’t be so expensive.
If this country obeyed its own immigration laws, medical prices wouldn’t be so high. I could literally clear out an ER if I walked in with an INS hat on. We know that ER’s are expensive and that is one big reason why!
If we would just follow free market principles AND the laws on the books we wouldnt need obama care

We will get to find out how it didn’t improve our Health-Care, after it kills us !
Got to love Nancy Pelosi.

Because they spent all those years studying and putting in 18 hour days during their residencies to make money, lots of it.

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