Why is racism against White people tolerated/ignored?

Almost everyone in America seem to think that racism is horrible.But it seems to me that most people only get angry when it’s a White person being racist.And White people are the only racial group that it’s okay to be racist against. I think that there are a lot of minorities who hate White people.A lot of…

I agree with you 100%.I think that it’s wrong to.And that it doesn’t get enough attention in our society.

It is to improve integration, it has nothing to do with you being white. Edit* Racism is ethnocentrism and xenophobia when one group is being seen as superior or inferior. “I have to do better than a black kid to get into the same school as him” is an opinion, not a fact don’t mix the two up. By trying to be “diverse” as you put it is also your opinion once again don’t mistake it for a fact. It is discriminative yes, but in this context it is justified. Why? because school is quite an important pillar of society and a great way to include people in the whole social cohesion. And everyone gets discriminated it is normal and sometimes justified.

Sometimes I feel like people perceive me differently than I am because I am white. People assume that I will not be able to relate to them or that I can’t understand what they are talking about because I am white. I have lived outside of the country, I speak another language, I have lived in poverty, I have been beaten, I have been abused by those who should have protected me, I have been to the opera, I have been to the theater, I have been homeless, I have lived with loved ones, I have loved, I have had my heart broken, I have longed for a child, I have almost been married, I have gotten married, I have been fat, I have never been thin, I have been starving, I have been thirsty, I have been too full, I have been hot, I have been cold, I have been included because of my “weight, height, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, intellect, political views, and profession” and I have been shut out because of these things, too. I think that I can relate to all sorts of people and it is usually the culture and way of life that keeps another person from embracing and accepting me, not the other way around.

I couldn’t agree more! reverse racism is alive and well here. And the white population is not too far from becoming a minority anyways, so what then? Can whites then finally start screaming and playing the race card? I agree with you I don’t care to hear about what crap my great great grandfather may have done, it’s time to move on.

i don’t think it’s entirely tolerated, what happens is that white people perhaps generally tend to hold back and not make an issue of it, they let it go, unlike black people, who will scream racism for the slightest thing that even resembles a racial comment. so if anything racism towards white people is overlooked by the majority, which is not to say that makes it okay, now as for stereotypes that’s exactly what im talking about, it’s accepted to talk about white stereotypes, but bring up fried chicken, watermelon, or grape soda and your’e a racist.

In some ways your right.Racism towards whites doesn’t seem to get the same attention that it would if it were to be reversed. But I believe there has been so much racism in this country from it’s very inception from the whites towards the other races ( especially blacks) that we will have to be the countries “punching bag” for a while. Your only 20 so racism towards other races has been considered to be intolerable since before you were born but believe me whites have been trying to boost their moral at the expense of other races for a very long time. I have recently moved from a northern state to a southern state and there is still so much racism here! It is mostly from older white guys but still it sickens me! They already don’t like my yankee accent and they really don’t like it when I let them know they’ll have to talk their racist bullshit when I’m not around! By the way I’m a 39 yr. old white guy. Any way I can understand why your frustrated, there is a ton of reverse racism and I have had my blood boil more than a few times myself. Be patient,I think things will get better. Try to have compassion be your primary emotion, we can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes.

first off white people invented racism,colonialism,imperilaism,sexism,fa… so shut up! jim crows law came from white people too! every race has had a problem with white people invading them or bloodshedding looting lying or raping them.whites are immoral and should all be deported back to EUROPE!you white people are ethno and eurcocentric liars and changed the Christian lords name to jesus Christ when his real name is yeshua messiach and he isn’t white at all. Swedish converted to Christianity in 1100 bc e.white people killed the lord as it was Pontius pilates and the roman soldiers.the word Caucasian meant bonestructure and a german philosopher named Christopher meiner in the year 1785 changed the definition to suit only white Europeans as they exclusively call whites Caucasian when they shouldn’t as Caucasian never meant racial identity yet whites call Chinese Asians how stupid!why don’t whites call themselves Europeans? its obvious whites use the word Caucasian for benefits and use their white pribviledge in western societies they stole from the natives yet whites are the biggest hypocrites telling others who is more indigenous that they don’t belong to north America when whites are the illegals who don’t belong ANYWHERE as the caucas caves also had browns which were there before whites to be honest and Europe was never white peoples land as the colored people were there before whites were even around.whites owned nothing no natural resources no raw materials no treasury as all of these things were stolen and taken away from colored people such as india’s Kohinoor diamonds,huma bird artifacts,crystal throne,golden crown,africas gold in their mines etc. whites need to be DEPORTED!

I think that the past has been tainted with so many wrong doing of “white America” that today society is never going to allow that to happen again… and in this process white Americans lost a certain type of dignity.. the kind that allows themselves to stand up against anyone who is degrading them. I do agree with what your saying but it is the history of white America hundreds of years ago that brought us to this place we are now. Maybe in the coming years this type of reverse racism will come to a halt… but I doubt it.

Some places in America do kind of just brush things off when the racism is against white people… I find this appalling. I think that people should try categorizing others by stereotypes and race… all we can do is try.

I was thinking the same thing. Most white people (like me) have been in America long enough to have no real ties to any one European group. So were does that leave us? I certainly don’t consider myself a part of the good old boy network which gives white males most of the opportunities. White people I know feel like they are lumped together with this group. I’m a white female who doesn’t have money or social standing or a great job. My decisions do not affect society. What group is there to stand up for my rights, a lower class citizen among my own race?
Everyone else has their own subgroup (which has rights and solidarity and support). I feel like we (modern whites) are left holding the bag for every bad thing that white people ever did. If we band together, we are considered racist. I have no love of the KKK, but at least they have rights and brotherhood.
Like me, there are many whites who don’t discriminate against minorities and call them friends and family.
I don’t want to stomp on anyone else’s rights or celebration of their heritage. I would just like to have the same pride in my background and be able to express it freely, just like any other person.

Some blacks (and I say “some”) are nothing but crybabies who overuse the word and apply it to every single failure they have. “I didn’t get the job because I’m black…” Yet overlooking the fact that you might have dropped out of school in the tenth grade and the job requires a degree. Or, “That white guy ask me to turn my stereo down because I’m black.” Such non-sense has invalidated the word and anyone who trembles at the mere mention of it is a fool.

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