Violation notices?

Up until this week I had only received 2 violations in my whole time on here. Now I have received two violations in three days saying I did not properly answer a question. WTF, is this new? Do Yahoo! staffers actually patrol questions and decide for themselves with their own set of values, or do people actually…

Lol, same here, I’ve been getting these ‘friendly’ notices lately also, heck even got one for answering a simple yes or no question and what’s your favorite color. I too think some are just taking advantage of the report button, trolls and haters……Y!A needs to get their system together. Did you appealed those violations yet?

Well, it would cost Yahoo a lot of money to hire people to review each individual report and determine whether or not that report is in fact legitimate. The unfortunate thing is that Yahoo doesn’t want to spend that money, so a couple of years ago they established “community moderation,” which enables Y!A users to report anything they see that breaks the community guidelines. The downside to it is that it allows trolls to run amok. So I completely understand your frustration as I have been a victim of malicious/unjustified reporting.

Y!A’s FAQ says that a question or answer will be removed if it’s reported by one or more “reliable users.” If the circumstance is more serious then the Answers staff may remove a question or answer themselves after reviewing it. However, the majority of the time they’re just automatically removed and violation notices are issued, because of the way the Y!A system is designed. I personally feel the whole reporting/violation system needs to be changed because innocent questions and answers will be reported/removed while others, that are extremely offensive, are left alone. PLUS, I know that there are waaaaaay too many trolls disguised as “reliable users” who are out to get other users they don’t like by wrongfully reporting them.

Furthermore, people who state their opinions are being reported as well. And Y!A says that having a strong opinion is NOT a justifiable reason for reporting someone. They just ask that users “do not use slurs to refer to groups of people, do not insult other members, and do not act in a belligerent manner towards others” when stating their opinions. Unfortunately other users still do report opinionated questions or answers regardless of the fact that they don’t violate any of the community guidelines. This is EXTREMELY frustrating because honest Y!A users shouldn’t have to pay the price for report happy trolls!

I got a violation notice for the first time ever and my husband got one too for not answering the question properly. Neither of us actually violated anything according to the guidelines. I even appealed and they denied the appeal stating I should read the guidelines. I think someone from yahoo is getting a power trip or something. I’d love to know whats going on too.

Max Power this is so funny that you say this.. I’m sick of this report it button myself. I think that some people just take advantage of this report it button so your account gets deleted after so many reports! I think that some of the people on here look way to deep into this.. There should be another way to not get reported for your opinion! The worse part of all this is, when you reply to the violation and you ask for what question and ask why was your account deleted they never ever reply to you.. It sucks i know i guess you have to deal with it, if you want to be on here.. Good LUCK

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The dear netizens of Yahoo have overly zealous moderators and apparently no appeal process. Thus, what you have is basically a reproduction of a very famous psychological experiment where two groups of student volunteers were randomly divided into prison guards and prisoners. The guards were given specific rules, etc. The entire system broke down in less than 3 days. Previously normal kids were acting like nazis. Yahoo administration is apparently unaware of basic human behavior traits and/or democratic process.
Now, let’s all watch this post get a violation notice.

You’re being reported by other Yahoo! Answers users, most likely. If you’ve gone out of your way to offend someone, that person could be watching all your questions and reporting the ones that seem to be possible violations.

To avoid this, try to refrain from asking questions that are likely to cause offense, such as those involving politics, religion, etc.

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