Is Christianity really a Polytheistic Religion?

Christianity has its claims of the “One true god, creator and ruler of all the universe.” and that’s nice and all, but then there are some beliefs held in Christianity that are evidence of Polytheism.

First and foremost is Lucifer. according to Christian mythology, Lucifer was at one time the right…

You are in fact on to something. The question is will you follow the Rabbit Hole all the way to the end?

It’s great to post the question here but the ultimate answers will only come from continued research and study and using your intuition to discern the truth form the fiction.

Then once you wake up, what will you do?

It could be. People claim Satan is not a god, yet to not do so, they must assume that, particularly if God is supposedly omnipotent, God is responsible for Satan’s behavior. If they think otherwise, then it is a failure to understand omnipotence. But suppose God isn’t omnipotent, and Satan is not a god, but a minor actor – a fallen angel. Another problem is created. If God is not omnipotent, where does all this power come from? Here is an idea most Christians will probably not like: if there is a trinity, it is because it is needed. The spirit is the most powerful, but is impersonal, much like the T’Dao of T’Daoism (the t’d sound is unique in Chinese and is difficult to express in English). God is imperious. Not so personal as commanding and can be downright brutal. Jesus is the personal god, and balances out God. Of course, it’s also possible that there is only one God with multiple personality disorder, which would also explain a lot. Then again, if I was a God and alone in the world with no equal, I’d feel pretty traumatized too.

Some Christians ( more than they believe) are polytheist, not due to lucifer either
The association Christ as the son of God would make him of lineage, which God has no need ( hence Christ not being his child)
lucifer,shaitan, the devil, was not an angel but was of the beings in heaven, he also makes no one do anything, he whispers into the breast of men tempting them with worldly things, but he has no power over the human race just an ability for coersion.
The angels are helpers and they are there only because God chose to have them, and only he has a response for their need or being

Yes it is. The New and Old Testaments are very different from each other too. In the Old Testament God randomly kills people for almost any reason like Lot’s wife not being able to help herself and looking when she hears something so being turned to salt. Anyone can’t help looking in the direction of a sound or flash, its natural human instinct. Whereas the New Testament says God is patient and tolerant and blesses even the wicked.
There is little mention of afterlife in the Old Testament but the New Testament there is talk of burning people in hell forever. Like the person who was really good and kind their whole life goes to hell forever because the New Testament doesn’t sound like a likely story to them but a person who was hateful, murderous, greedy, rapist, thieving, adulterous, arsonist, and sadistic their whole life goes to heaven eternally because one minute before they die they say they love Jesus.
I would say the two bibles, Old and New must have been written by different beings or people of different ideologies.
I agree with some of both but strongly disagree with some of both as well.

God doesn’t NEED the Angels any more than he needs US. They are another race of beings, and they do God’s work, just as we sometimes do.

Satan is not a god, except in the very general definition that you have given. He is, in fact, an Angel. A fallen Angel, but an Angel nonetheless.

God is the only god, and therefore Christianity (as well as Judaism and Islam) is not a polytheistic religion. If a religion is nothing more than people’s beliefs, and God is the one true God according to His followers, then Christianity is a monotheistic faith.

You don’t understand what most Christians believe.

God does not need us or the angels. We exist simply because he loves us.

Most Christians believe that there is only one true God who is all powerful, however, he does not force his creatures to do what he wants them to do. You, Satan and I can do whatever we are capable of doing. God does not rule us unless we want him to rule us because God believes in freedom. Many Christians believe that at this point in time Satan is the ruler and king of the world simply because most people do what Satan wants us to do. However, God wants us to obey him and there will come a day when God will completely destroy sin and all sinners who refuse to give up sin. And that time, there will be no freedom of choice and it will be proven that God is a just God who’s will will be done.


“for those that say he is not a god, here is the definition of a god: “one of several deities, esp. a male deity, presiding over some portion of worldly affairs.”

Sorry but you’re definition is not the truth. The Lord says that he alone is God and there is no other.

“But the question is then, why does an omnipotent being need them at all?”

Why does he need humans? Or butterflies? It pleased him to make the angels so he did.

“If they really believed in a singular being ruling all the universe than there would be no good, no evil, no right, no wrong, just the will of that supreme being..”

What you don’t understand is that God does not rule with an iron fist. He allows for the disobedience and free-will of his creations. His will is supreme, that is true, but he does not force us to obey it. Evil comes from exercising your free will to do the opposite of what God has told us to do.

Yes as most if not all Christians have elevated Jesus to the level of God and therefore it is now a polytheistic religion.

Satan is not a god. He is the antithesis of God. Christians do not worship him.
Angels exist to worship the Lord because He is worthy of our praise.
God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Lucifer actually means “Bringer of light” Which is symbolized by fire, knowledge, creativity, etc.

But hey this is interesting! *star*

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