What do you thnk about teen pregnancy?and why are some parents against sex ed if it can really help ALOT?

I just wanna no cuz ther are too many pregnant girls these dayys…

I think its disgusting, not only have they put pressure on their own lives but an innocent baby aswell. at that age if you cant look after your child you just give it up or dont look after it, and thats just wrong. its because youre too young to make the right decisions, so you shouldnt be making a choice to have a child or not. its not right for a kid to suddenly just want a kid and they think its what they want, when half of them dont even take care of the baby. sex ed is a great way to teach kids about how it all works, but these days kids dont take it seriously, they laugh and giggle and miss the whole point of it. so whats the point?

Parents of today are too afraid of telling their children the truth. So when others try to educate them on sex, they are angry because they want their babies(teens) to stay babies forever. Irrational yes, but most often true. Sex ed does not give teens permission to have sex. This is all about awareness. If parents would speak more candidly with their children, then this would not be a huge issue. Teens are people too with their own minds and thoughts. This is the time that parents need to make sure that the teens know that there are consequences to their actions, no matter what the situation.
Awareness will not stop teen pregnancy, but making children aware of the hardships that will occur due to pregnancy can make them think seriously about making decisions based on how cute Johnny is or Suzie’s big butt.
Sorry, kinda passionate about folks being responsible. Hope this helps a lil. 🙂

Hi: I told my son when he was around 13 – you make a girl pregnant, you’re responsible for paying for the baby for 18 years – ie: in his mind, forever. I also told him how pregnancy happens because I don’t like leaving all that stuff up to schools. Public schools think they know how to raise your kids better than you most of the time and can’t be trusted. Most kids take in sex ed stuff and understand it, parents are afraid if they talk about sex, the kid will want to do it and that’s not the case. My son is 19 now, has a girlfriend and always practices safe sex because he knows the consequences.

EVERYONE should take some sort of sex ed. I just finished a project for health class where I had to take care of an egg like it was a baby–get up in the night, no going anywhere without it, figuring out prices for everything etc…. It was actually a big wake up call, i thought that it would be really easy and not a big deal, but i’m exhausted–from raising an egg for 3 days. I don’t know anyone who is pregnant, but I’m in middle school, i know that there are people with kids at my high school.

Teens have been having babies for decades. My grandmother had her 1st at 14 (65+ years ago), she and my grandpa got married and remained married until he died. Maybe times were different back then. Sometimes these days there seems to be a lack of family, with some teens. I know of some teens that just keep having baby after baby, it seems like they didn’t learn anything or it isn’t hard for them to raise a baby. I am 30 and its a tough enough requirement that I don’t plan to have anymore any time soon.

I am not against sex ed in schools because some parents don’t talk to their kids about sex, they just assume the kid isn’t thinking about. But sex education should not just only be at school, it needs to be in the household as well. Sex ed will just teach the basic/science portion of sex, it will not teach the kid about cost, time, patience, sacrafices, and the emotional parts of having a baby.

as for teen pregnancy, i personally feel very, very bad for the girl. i secretly wonder why she didn’t get an abortion, but i also respect her for keeping it, she has more courage than i would have in that situation.

as for sex ed, a lot of the answers on here talk about how important it is to teach kids the consequences of pregnancy, and speaking as a teenager, that’s really not the issue. it’s contraception. at my high school, in sex ed, the teacher wasn’t even allowed to use the word “condom” or mention that there are safe ways to have sex. sure, condoms aren’t 100%–but if used correctly (which only can happen if kids are thoroughly educated about them) they’re 97%, and if you couple that with another birth control method (oral contraceptive pills, the shot, even pulling out) it increases its effectiveness. that’s what kids need to be taught. it’s like if your kid wanted to skateboard and liked it, but he kept coming home with scraped knees. would you tell him outright just not to do it and expect him to, even though deep down you knew he was going to, or would you give him kneepads?

knowledge of contraception does not make kids go jump on each other and have sex in the hall after class. it arms them with the tools and information that they need if they will ever even think about making the safe decision. you can’t expect for a kid to use a condom if you haven’t even talked to them about it. kids always will have sex, kids do have sex, and they always will have sex. what they need is protection and information, not to be kept in the dark. knowledge is power!

Its causing the rate of high school kids dropping out to go up. Most of the parents that are against sex ed are usually REALLY religious creeps, or there just weird.

I think teens are not educated enough on what its like to be a parent and that results in high teen pregnancies,most seem to think its fun and cute to have a baby and dress it up etc, thats an extremely small part of rearing a child.

I think parents are against sex ed as perhaps they think if there child is not thinking about or having sex it may encourage them somehow. Personally I think kids should be educated more and it should be part of the curriculam once they reach a certain age.

My parents weren’t agianst sex ed so it had NOTHING to do with it . My parents talked to me about sex ed and I first had sex ed in the fifth grade . That’s not why Im pregnant .
I know how to use a condom , but they aren’t always 100% effective .They get pregnant because they have sex .People critizing them its’t going to solve the problem .

I think some parents are against it because of the church’s teaching. Sex after marriage thing and maybe it’s like a new program to teach kids and they don’t feel its right exposing them to some things at that certain age..

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