When did the Republicans become conservative and the Democrats liberals?

I know that in Lincoln’s time and the start of the Republican party that the Republicans were the liberals and Democrats were conservative. So when did it switch?

A lot of it had to do with the 1948 Democratic Nomination for POTUS. Southern Democrates were angered over Harry S. Truman’s polices. When Truman issued an Executive Order racially integrating the armed forces, the Southern Democrates known as Dixiecrats united to run in opposition to Truman. Within years, old line Democrats left the party. By the time JFK won the nomination in 1960, the political parties were in a major shift.

Until 1964, there had been a distinction within the Democratic Party between Southern Democrats and the rest of the country. Southern Democrats were quite conservative, especially on the issue of civil rights. Southern Democrats left the Democratic Party and eventually ended up in the Republican Party after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Republicans became conservative when the US needed to be conservative. Republicans freed the slaves, fought with civil rights movements, and are now protecting the US from foreign threats. Republicans have always given the US exactly what it needed… unlike the Democrats

I guess when FDR got all poor people hooked (being taken care of by the government)

I’m pretty sure republicans still believe in the rights of the individual as they always have and less government involvement in our lives. When they freed the slaves until the time they passed the equal rights amendments.

The first black congressman and the first black senator were republicans. Try that today and blacks will call them uncle tom and throw Oreo cookies at them.

The Democrats started being liberals when their party started becoming irrelevant (Democrats were the party of slave owners) so they needed to scrape the bottom rungs of society for voters.

this is long, but i think it will explain it.

in the late 60’s and early 70’s, most hippies weren’t for any particular political party (republican or democrat) per se because they were underground communists. nixon was a staunch anti communist and also a republican. so the hippies declared him as well as the republicans the enemy.

when the kent state incident occurred as well as the watergate scandal, the hippies hatred for him and the republicans tripled.

so the hippies rejoiced over the watergate scandal as well as nixon’s resignation. but when ford, another republican, took his spot he granted nixon a full pardon.

that got him in hot water with the hippies and the democrats and it cost him the election against carter in 1976. so the hippies saw the democrats as their ally against the republicans.

carter was a liberal and a democrat. he was a lousy president but the hippies loved him because he was an anti republican.

but in 1981, reagan defeated carter in a landslide victory. reagan was a republican and an anti communist. but he was a likable man and a popular president who restored the optimism in america. this angered the liberals.

then in 1989, the berlin wall fell and communism was declared dead giving the liberals another reason to hate republicans.

when bush sr was president, the gulf war demonstrated america’s military might and restored america’s faith in our military giving liberals another reason to hate republicans.

when clinton won the 1992 election against bush sr, the liberals rejoiced after being under a republican for 12 years.

clinton was a FAR left liberal who dodged the draft, preached anti americanism in russia during vietnam, called for nixon’s impeachment in the 70’s, and was a lapdog for the UN.

in other words, the liberals’ wet dream come true.

they enjoyed his administration for two terms, but he was disgraced with the monica scandal and was impeached and the liberals were furious.

so when bush jr was elected, liberals, already in a foul mood over his impeachment vote, hated bush from the start because he was a republican and did everything in their power to unseat him.

so when 9-11 happened, liberals saw it as an opportunity to blame it on bush’s incompetence. and when the iraq war began, that gave them another opportunity to attack a republican.

when bush jr won again in 2004, liberals anger rose to certifiable levels and they abandoned all logic and reason and were so full of hatred that they would do anything to hurt his administration.

so all in all, after 40 yrs, liberals learned that republicans are for america and democrats are against it.

that’s why they favor democrats.

Republicans as a party have NEVER been conservative. They were Moralists before they became neocons.

Republicans fought against slavery from the inception of the USA (Quakers). They marched in the Civil Rights movement.

After LBJ signed pro-civil rights legislation, the southern Democrats (Dixiecrats) abandoned the Dem party and took over the Republican party which is what their platform is currently based upon, Neoconservatism.

A while back….and then they both sort of merged together into one great big ‘government is best for control of your life, and it should be used to make you live the way someone else chooses’ mass. The only real difference is that they each have their own list of ways you should be forced to live.

After the failure of the Bull Moose Party. [Be advised that Teddy Roosevelt was a Nationalist.]

it switched after the Civil War because the democrats supported black rights and the republicans were in favor of holding on to slavery. as a result, this is when blacks began to identify with the democratic party.

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