Will my 5 year old 90 lb unaltered male dog hurt a 10 lb altered female puppy- should I be concerned?

I am planning on getting a small female puppy, a mini dauchund, and getting her spayed right away. I don’t believe this will be a problem and the vet did not mention it but thought I would ask if anyone has experience with this.

Yes, You Should be concerned! Especially since your large, unaltered male already shows a tendency toward violence and dominance over smaller dogs. If I did get a smaller dog, I would be sure BOTH animals were altered and would closely supervise their first few weeks of adjustment and interaction. The problem about the aggression will come from your unaltered male.

What breed is the male! Do not forget to consider his prey drive. Anytime there is that much of a difference in size, it can always have it drawbacks. The fact that it is a female is a plus, as for the smaller size, I am sure it will roll on its back and submit first confrontation. Leaving your male still ranking hirer, this will solve some issues.

Now remember if you do get the puppy you must pay as much attention if not more to your existing dog or jealousy will take place. This also reassures the male of his place in pack. Make sure you feed him first, pet him first, etc., But it would be a good ideal to introduce the puppy prior to making a commitment. I am assuming you had the males for 5 years. That is quite a long time being the only and Top Dog of the house. The fact that he is unaltered does come into play. However, he is also 5years old; he should be well trained, well socialized and mature by now. If you have not been socializing him, you need to start right away!

Close supervision will be required at all times! In addition, when you are not home, keep them separate! Maybe the male outside and the female inside.

Question, why are you spaying the female and leaving the male intact?

Good Luck and I hope this helped!

One more thing I do know your situation, I own a Chihuahua, along with Rottweiler’s and Pit Bulls. It is a lot of work although I try not to think of it in that respect because I love my animals. Although they love my little Charlie as if he were a big dawg, I always keep one thought in mind and that is they are not human they are in fact animals. And when two or more are gathered it is a pack, pack mentality can, and will set in. Never let your guard down!

Neutered or not, any 90 lb dog can hurt a small puppy or dog just by playing or by accident. If your dog has any food aggression or guarding issues you could have further problems.
As for the unaltered status of your dog, if behaviors are caused by, or exacerbated by hormones, neutering would help. It can take one month after neutering for the hormones to be gone. If any behaviors of concern are training issues, than that’s another issue.
Do some research on the internet about methods of introducing a new dog into the household. If your dog has acted out against small dogs before, you might want to consult a trainer before the new puppy comes in.

Why is your male not neutered? A 90lb dog can easily hurt a 10 lb dog with just playing.

a mini doxie wil have a very fragile back so depending on how your dog likes to play it will be touch and go. i have a large dog that plays with a chihuahua mix and they do great together. but my big guy likes to use his paws and will put a little pressure on the chis back. this doesn’t phase the little guy but may be damaging on a dachshunds back

Have you aquainted the 2? Whats your large dogs demeanor? Is he dominant? Aggressive ever in any way? Posessive?

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