Considering the Presidential statement “The buck stops here” Where does the Buck stop in Bush’s Whitehouse???

RedsStaters keep saying Bush is not responsible.
Then who is???
Where does this war crime Busk stop???

Well the buck is not stopping any time soon.
In the fullness of your accomplishments, you have raised a new and disturbing question for America: WHO really runs this country?
It is not me. It is not you.
Can it be BARNEY???

The statement “The Buck Stops here” was accredited to Col. Oliver North not a President.

There has not been a war crime committed under Bush’s watch. Bush has sent the military into Iraq and Afghanistan with the consent of Congress. If Congress did not give their consent the military would not be there. If they were then it would be a war crime. The buck stops with you. You elected the Dem’s into poewr with the promise that they would stop the war and they have not. They have made it harder for the military to do their job. The Dem’s in power have changed the rules of engagement to require that before Americans can shoot at a perceived threat they have to have been fired upon. Not a gun pointed at them. A member of the team has to be shot before Americans are allowed to respond. Before a new action can take place teh military has to get approval from the Senate Arms committee. There is a 2 week cooling off period required before that action can be taken. What this has done is affectively ensured that hundreds more Americans will be killed or maimed and the insergents will have the ability to move to another location before the US military can respond.

But I am sure you do not want to hear the truth. You just want to hear what Michael Moore is telling you. It is a shame that the Dem’s hate the military so much that they would put them at risk. I wish the Dem’s would just vote to end the war. Their inaction is killing Americans needlessly.

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Didn’t you know?

The bus stops at Ted Kennedy’s door, because its all his fault according to right-wingers.

=Fish: Don’t be an idiot. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office which read “the buck stops here” and ultimately credited with making the phrase famous. Oliver North may have borrowed the phrase but he didn’t come up with it.

Honestly, if Fish is indicative of the educational level of the average conservative, its no wonder why the US is in such bad shape.

What war crime are you talking about? As far as I know Bush has taken responsibility for w/e.

What war crime? Have you ever heard Bush say, “it is _____’s fault?” Bush took the ‘blame’ for Katrina even though he shouldn’t have IMO. You people won’t be satisfied until we have another Democrat ruin this country again.

Mr. Cheney. He is the Edgar Bergen to Bush’s Charlie MacCarthy.

He’s passed the buck to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic senate. Six years after his election it is now all the democrats fault who have only been back in power for six months.

Bush is a joke with a kangaroo court.

Are cons still waiting for Bush to “return honesty and integrity to the White House”?

Very sadly, they and a lot of voters have lost sight of the Buck.

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