Where do you draw the line between creative and insane?

Or does insanity occur when creativity is concocted with LSD?

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“Sometimes the only difference between genius and insanity is success.”

I love this quote, because it’s so true. Almost every great artist throughout all of history has had something mentally wrong with him. But do people classify these artists as insane or mentally retarded now days? No, because their work is effing amazing.

Truman Capote was either drunk or high for most his life as well as when he wrote all his novels (aside from In Cold Blood). But I am personally willing to overlook that minor detail because his books are some of the best literature I’ve ever read. So because he was always high off drugs or drunk of alcohol, he wasn’t exactly in his right state of mind, and maybe not always completely sane. But I’d love to see any less talented man than Capote get high and try to write a novel half as great as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Is insanity often mistaken for creativity or genius, though? Maybe, but it’s entertaining, right? The Beatles probably *were* high when they wrote I Am the Walrus, but the song is pretty damn entertaining, so we can overlook that very minor detail and call it creativity.

According to Oscar Wilde, all art is useless anyway, so it doesn’t matter what state of mind the artist was in when he wrote a song or book, or painted a picture or whatever else. Art is just a reflection of the viewer, and the artist means nothing to it. Considering the author’s purpose when viewing a piece of art ruins the experience for the viewer.

“There is no such thing as a moral or immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.” The same applies to the song, I Am the Walrus. It doesn’t matter if the song is about complete and utter nonsense, as long as the Beatles play it well. Whether they were being creative or insane never comes into question, because it does not matter!

Was Vincent Van Gogh insane? Yes. Does it affect the beauty of his paintings? No.

Was Lewis Carroll smoking something when he wrote Alice in Wonderland? Probably. Does that make Alice in Wonderland any less great? Nope, not a bit!

Insane people can’t take care of themselves.

LSD? How bizarre. An ex-boyfriend and I had this conversation many times. My position was that one really cannot characterize anything which comes from a drug-induced state as “creativity” — since this state of mind could be compared to a lab scientist artificially stimulating a specific spot on the brain of a mouse…. and then the mouse started tap-dancing or something.

It would be like a “kneejerk” reaction when the doctor taps your knee with that little rubber hammer. That’s not “creativity” – that’s the spot in your brain reacting to the drug.

My ex-boyfriend, of course, disagreed.

Perhaps your real life is unsatisfying and these fantasy worlds offer more to you then your actual life. On a larger level … reality is all relative to perception and although many of us enjoy a shared reality … many other people and most of us on some level live in an alternate reality of which we see things that others don’t and experience life on a different level in a different place perhaps as a different being. You don’t sound crazy yet … but if you continue to fantasize on the inside and don’t live a life worth living on the outside … you may fall deeply into your fantasy world without much hope for escape because why would you want to leave a world that offers everything you want instead of living in a world full of the usual challanges, failures, and triumphs that we all face on a day to day basis.

I don’t understand why you ask this question.

I understand the question though.

Are you insane?

I always thought one had to be insane to be creative, or was it the other way round?

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with me.

I think?

Well, I hope not.

My answer- Yes- I mean- No.

Insanity occurs when what is creative is thought to be real, or the subject can’t tell the difference between what is in the mind and what is really before them.

Lewis Carrol is the line, anything weirder is insane, anything under that is creative.

When you’re trying to find a creative way to do something bad.

Insanity is my creativity.

lmao at the beatles comment

I think all us writers are a tad bit insane but I agree..somethings you just know had to have the help of some sort of drug

Severely Maimed and Dead, that’s the fine line.

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