;;Poll : How come people manage to change their avatar/display image everyday on here..?

Are you one of those..?

yeah now i started to change frequently but before I didn’t change for an year and the user name too

No I change it 2-3 times in the year !

There are regular users of this site and has enough time to do , i hardly change . .

I was but now I’m hiding my face so no one knows I’m Mr Spandey

They just like to confuse! 😛

I don’t think I’ve change mine in ages.

This is my one and only and I figure I’ll stick with it until I get suspended.

This is me, I’m different when I take off the mask!

Ooooh I think I’m one of them :O
I get bored of me so fast aha :’D

I want to but don’t know how to.

BTW, I want to use this as my avi http://fashion.rosegalaxy.com/wp-content…

Yeah usually works for me! 🙂

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