A mechanic wants to charge me 350$ to replace a thermostat and reset the timing is this a rip off?

Thermostats are pretty cheap and dont look that hard to put on i think i can do it myself

All together it is not a rip off. Yes, you can replace the thermostat yourself. It is not hard at all. However, I doubt that you have to tools to correct your timing. $350 is a good price to correct the timing.

I’m thinking he’s bidding to do more than what you show listed here. If it’s literally just changing a thermostat and adjusting the distributor timing, that seems a bit high. You can always get a second opinion. Just make sure you go to an ASE mechanic and/or AAA approved repair shop, or the dealer.

Your car may be due for a timing belt change. If you have a belt and not a chain then it may need to be done. That is a good price for a timing belt and T stat. If your timing belt brakes or goes out of time in some vehicles you could bend the valves and have to rebuild the head(s). Not everyone is out to rip you off. Preventative maintenance is key to not having big problems later.
If you’re not sure then always get a 2nd opinion, it never hurts.


Your mechanic (and other mechanics) prey on car owner’s ignorance of what is required to make repairs. I have absolutely NO TRUST in any mechanic. If your car is a late model, the computer will adjust the timing if it isn’t too far off. Check engine light is off? All is okay.

If you car wasn’t overheating, don’t do anything. I’ve had a 1993 Chevy PU for 14 years. Never had a tune-up. Never had a thermostat problem. Never had a transmission flush. >180k miles on the drive train. Always passes emissions. My maintenance program is this: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it passes emissions, it don’t need a tune up. I’ll keep the money in MY pocket.

I just change the oil and coolant at regular intervals.

Thermostat is simple. We need the year make and model of your car before explaining how to re-set timing. Most late model cars have no provisions to monkey with timing.

If you have a distributor with a cap and rotor timing can be changed. Individual coils mounted on each cylinder can’t be messed with.

Thermostats are easy but timing isn’t. Call around your area for comparisons and ask when you find a mechanic if your timing needs adjusting.

total rip..mechanics are hard to read because most people dont know whats going on.These are both very easy jobs with a few steps involved.I’ve always done 100% of my own car repairs from oil changes,brakes,to ring and valves all self taught with the help of chilton and haynes repair manuals.I was quoted $800.00 to fix a motor mount last month and fixed it myself for $60.00.

depending on your make even the timming should be very easy with simple tools.

Go for it. If you can do it yourself, give it a try.

Then, when you damage your car, and spend several times his original estimate, you won’t ever complain.

Or, if you can manage to do it, then you saved yourself some money.

yup ripoff

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