Do you think women and men should have different roles in society?

I am putting this in the religion section since religions teach that women have specific roles in society and in relationships.

To me, a relationship is a partnership – that means each helps with everything (when possible, of course). And I do not think there should be any jobs that are specific to men or…

The only “role” I should have is having to be the one to be pregnant and breast feeding.

Simply because my husband can’t. Trust me, if he could, he would be the one going through all that.

Everything else is ridiculous to say that a man or woman “should” be the one doing it.

I think that generally women and men have equal opportunities now but the lifestyle which has been hard wired in most animals through evolution is that the female takes care of children and this is still very much true, so although society doesn’t push it one way or another I think that individuals see a need to do so and also judge others on what they do, such as it might be talked about if the women of a family went and got a job and the man stayed at home to look after the children.

I believe the physical attributes of men and women define their “roles” more then religion or society. Some things are obvious and need not be challenged.
It’s more the question of..can a woman do the things you mention..if she so chooses and the answer is yes.
Should she? Only if she desires to do so, not because it is demanded of her or to prove some..point.

No, I don’t think we should set forth certain roles for the different genders. I think each individual should seek to fill the role that they’d be best at. If more of one gender usually fall into one role then so be it, but there will always be exceptions.

I think you should have the right to chose your role.
I say this as a stay at home mom. I have been accused of selling my gender out (no kidding) or it is implied that I must not be smart enough to have a “real job”which is why I stay home. (I’m almost done with my BA in psychology and scored a 26 on my ACT at 16)
I CHOSE my role and I am HAPPY with it. I am not selling anyone out. I think having the freedom to chose your role is important. I just happen to be happy with and comfortable with the more traditional aspects of my role. That doesn’t mean my husband tells me to do jack ****. And if you knew me you would find the thought laughable.

I have leanred and observed in life that men and women are indeed quite different in significant ways, and therefore, presumably, ideally suited for different roles. However, I don’t think it is for society to decide what those roles are or to limit people to doing just what society thinks is best.

I believe there is a general trend that men and women will naturally behave differently (of course there are always those who don’t fit the trend). But going from this observation to claiming it is right or the way it should be would be committing the Naturalistic Fallacy.

This is a decision to be made by each man-woman couple. My husband and I fill different roles in our home, because we naturally have different talents. We are equal partners and have equal say in our family, but we’re absolutely fine doing different things.

People will always gravitate to what they do well and enjoy.

I think nature takes care of that for us, but that we don’t need to ridicule people when they go against the trend.

Women tend to be better at nesting than men. My wife is much better at helping my son’s feel safe and at home. I do my best, but don’t have her skilled abilities at making a home.

On the otherhand, I am better at helping them learn about life outside the home, and at helping with homework etc…

We each have individual skills, my friends are completely the opposite, and thier roles are switched.

No, I don’t support gender roles. I rather the person pick what role is best for them, regardless of their gender. Only things that cannot be carried out by a man like giving birth to a child should be carried out by a woman.

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