What do you do when you’re a free spirit but the man’s trying to keep you down?

Is setting your profile to private a good idea or is it just an ‘I double dog dare you’ to the trolls?

They have managed to get behind enemy lines on my profile anyway!

<<<Still trying to stick it to the man!

Do you want to be around people you “like”, or do you want to learn about Jesus, the only name by which you can be saved? I was a JW for many years, and they will be your friend, until you become smart enough to stop trying to show them you are a good Christian person, by delivering their magazines for year after year, and not being allowed to have higher education…you think YOUR moms bad? Wait till you discover the truth about the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you want friends and fun, join the watchtower. If you want to become a true Christian, pray and ask the King in Command, Jesus, to show you the true way. The road is before you..make a choice that you know would make Jesus, the Son of God who was sent for you, happy. Blessings.

It’s time to start fighting back. I guess you could set it to private, but it seems they get there to. Don’t know how, but they do. I’m trying to be a free spirit, but the man wants to keep me down. I’ve got to learn how to make more accounts so I can be bad. 😀

I still say it all makes for a great sitcom. That lasts 24/7 it would be the White Castle of sitcoms.

I did the first, but decided to come out fighting and as you said, “double DOG dare” them all!

Love, Roscoe

You could always completely change your identity to ….. oh, let’s say a well-loved 70’s comedian…..nobody has reported me in months. And nobody even remotely suspects that I’m really that hateful racial inciter the Rev. Jeremiah Wright from Chicago.

I hear you girl
I am in the same phuking boat
may they ALL lick the crack of my AZZZZ
you motherphukers
I just wanted to say that and in a few min I know it will be deleted
so suk a D8ck you cocsukers

love you
Dirty stinking filthy ho-bag covered in nancho cheese.

[email protected] ;P

I agree with Karen…stick it to the man before he sticks it to you.

good idea…I was part of the trash on that video and have had other worse insults from dear Vivi as well (may she rot in hell)

It’s really not a big deal, just put your shoes on. I mean I don’t blame your boss for insisting you cover those club feet. Gross. It’s unhygienic no matter what ur dirty hippie says.

Private is best… but some have a way of getting to you no matter what.

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