Why do liberals accuse conservative of being racist?

I know I am speaking on very general terms, but why is being race neutral equivalent to being racist? In my opinion giving preferential treatment to any group of people (affirmative action) is racist. How come when a conservative questions welfare they get the race card, assuming that because it effects black…

Most probably because they want equal opportunity and equal rights for all the citizens of the nation. Not just groups of black people who want special privileges and access to more services than white legal citizens.
For example how can a white person fight for their rights if they don’t get access to the same free legal aid lawyer as a black person does. People just ignore white people who say they are being oppressed by blacks, so by ignoring what is happening to the abused white legal citizen, the liberals can pretend it isn’t happening.
Liberals are racist against white citizens by putting obstacles in the way of white citizens to make it too hard for them to succeed. For example a black illegal citizen can get free education but a white legal citizen will be deterred from advancing their education because of fees and the cost of loans etc. So liberals say that everyone has the opportunity but they don’t look at the whole picture.
The biggest danger to oppressed white citizens is the law making legislature that gives more rights to blacks than white citizens. We have it in New Zealand and it is called apartheid where white legal citizens have less rights than third world refugees and other blacks.

Is too intricate for you? The Republican as soon as used to be the social gathering of liberals and the Democrats were principally the conservatives. For instance, George Wallace was a Democrat, but he was once no longer a liberal. Make sense to you now?

under the laws that make up affirmative action a white person could also sue if they think they were passed up for a job by a less qualified person because of race. People who say they lost there job due to affirmative action are just liars

Calling Conservatives and Republicans “racist” is the only way Liberals have left to discredit Republicans. They can’t win on facts, and they cannot defend the record of a President for which there is no defense.

For this reason, all they have to fall back on is lies, slander, and cover-ups.

Because we’ve read the kind of questions posted on Yahoo! Answers by people like The Tall Man and Obama is a POS.

I know 3 conservative people in person who hate Obama because he is black.I also know 5 Yahoo users in here who hate Obama because of his race.

I’m not saying every conservative is racist but when you go outside of cities and live in countryside next to rednecks you will realize what I’m talking about.I lived 7 months in a remote Arizona town.

Why do liberals accuse conservative of being racist?

Reread your opening question. Do you know the phrase “Res Ipsa Loquitur”?

The race card is like the Nazi card. It is just something to toss out by people who have no real point.

Pulling the Race Card always has been and always will be a political tactic of the Left.

Because most of the liberals here aren’t capable of dealing with truth and just want to repeat the lies they hear from their masters. I suspect that this is because it hurts them to actually think.

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