A vivid dream told in prose for your interpretation, comments and/or critique, if you would?

I happened upon a one-roomed stone cottage,
its heavy wooden door swung open at my approach.
My feet touched a thick, hand-tied rug
which warmed cold maple floors.

The crackle of a fire, blazing above a hearth of stone
was the only sound; a chair set in front, the sole
piece of furniture inside the tiny…

[is it that time of the month already?]

HI, MA !!!
…good to seeya

I enjoyed this piece immensely.

(and I agree, you’re right to stand back from the mess going on here.)

Ethereal threads of a family gone,
enough to blanket the sensitive child
who needs to keep moving on.
Perhaps we saw the table move,
a cup turn itself round,
A face in shadow on the wall,
an almost forgotten sound.
the tears well up as we recall
and poignantly remember
those of whom we were a part of,
who could warm a cold December.

When I write it is like I am drawing the poison out of my soul. It gives me comfort and relief. Keep writing my dear friend. Expressing ones emotions in words or song is high art and a great form of therapy for times when you are Blue.

This is a wonderful piece Sue. I just love it!. One thing is for sure…the legacy we leave behind that will really matter, and be recalled most of all is what we have given of ourselves,the prayers we’ve uttered, and the tears we’ve shed for those we’ve loved and touched by our presence here. This speaks very loudly of the deep feelings that are in your hear and the insight you have.Great poem. .


Beyond that it is so good to see you, it is also a pleasure to read this, and too a concern through some lines, in fear.

How many will be touched?
You, me, others can hardly know
perhaps the tally is more the balance
we leave with others, when we go.

For me this is a tissues piece. Hugs and love.

we are but a tapestry in time, we are the fabric woven from the memories intact, we will be known into the future by some who we never met as we have no idea how many people we have truly touched in our insignificance and human interaction, be it good or bad,

I enjoyed this piece of prose, you have affected me in many ways over the past few years and I have never really met you, knowing you and many others from our interactions in this place has made me a much softer less fractious person.
it is like I am being polished by my peers…

good morning

First, this is absolutely my favorite avatar for you…jsut wanna plant a big ol’ smooch on that sweet, smilin’ forehaid!

Second, do y’realize the bond involved, too, in bein’ the only other one out here I’m aware of that uses DOGGONE?!? 😉

And, finally, this is nothin’ short of moving…I love it…and you! YAY *applause* WOO HOO!!!

Your wonderful, amazing story reminded me to look up one of my husband’s old memoirs. I had no idea when he wrote this, but found it in his papers after he passed away. I think “he knew”….


Love is the key and I have no doubt that this key will bring you to the brink of happiness and beyond. No matter who you are, no matter what your circumstances, if you have love for that special person and love for the Lord, your future is assured.

pama mine’ nikan (Farewell Friend)

The People of the Fire, Pottawatomie Indians

John (Bill) “

This is a lovely piece of prose, touching to read, thank you. And it’s great to see you posting again.

Oh Ma, this is powerful and so touching and true. The love and heartfelt feelings meld with emotions and truth, I saved this to reread again and again. Thank You.

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