Am I the only one who thinks game of thrones is boring?

I tried watching it a couple months ago after season 1 ended, watched the first episode and just stopped. Watched the second episode today and I still can’t get into it, it’s just ridiculously boring. None of the characters (besides peter dinklage’s character) are really likable and the dialogue is…

in short NO, HELL NO… though i did take me 3 or 4 episodes to really get into it… it reminded me of Mass Effect a great deal, the first 40% is utter boring; but then OMG its the best thing ever.

My advice is keep watching until the 5th episode… lemme just put it this way: I’ve watched season 1 from start to finish 5 times!!! I swear to God, It’s that amazing!

Like i said i didn’t like it to start but kept watching it.
It’s a story and a story takes time to take off.

I watched most of the first season, and parts of other seasons. The show is boring. Just… boring. They try to shock us by making people make morally compromising decisions, change sides, or get killed off. But it’s just boring. It’s an entire series about a bunch of unlikable anti-heroes who don’t have a single original theme about them. That’s not entirely fare. I like the short guy who got all those women. But it wasn’t enough to draw me in.

Yes, it’s boring. I watched about 8 episodes of the first season, and I can’t take hearing “Your Grace” one more time, plus the rest of the stupid sh*t they say. And I agree with you on Peter Dinklage, he’s the only one worth watching on there, and the only reason I could watch 8 episodes.

I couldn’t even finish the first episode. The dialogue is really hard to follow along. And the characters are really confusing.

Yeah it is completely boring i watched Spartacus and i loved it so i heard about game of thrones but my bad the worst show i ever watch though peter dinklage is good in it if some of u like sexual thing in it so watch Spartacus it has blood great story amazing action u will love it i bet

Yeah, Its medieval porn. Only reason people think it’s complex is because there’s about 30 different characters to follow at any one time. Plus everyone dies…. its crap. It doesn’t even live us to it’s genre compared to others in the fantasy genre.

Yes it’s overrated trash. It’s a poor knock off of Lord of the Rings with weak storytelling and character deaths for shock treatment. It uses porn and gore to sell.

1.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the premier episode of season two. It has a fan base – personally I think it’s great. The writing is smart and complex, it’s not a “happy ending” type of gloss over we see so often when converting a complex book (or series of books) into a TV series or movie. It could be it’s just not your cup a’tea.

Hi, I am much like you, I watched the first episode and found the speech to be boring and really difficlut to follow as nothing made sense. Its like they made the show start with you the viewer supposedly having forknowledge about the material. I wanted to see what all the rage was about but frankly I just was never really interested and nothing about the episode was captivating or interesting in the least. I felt like I was watching actual events from the middle ages as oppsed to a tv show. I guess I just dont “get” the show.

I used to watch Rome on HBO and it was awesome from the start, so its not because its a period piece, its just because game of thrones is ******* DUMB.

Game of Thrones is boring and stupid as ****! I imagine people with brain injuries would enjoy it as they dribbled spit onto their shirts!

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