Another guy likes my girlfriend?

Well I have a girlfriend we love each other alot but Latley there has been a guy sending her love notes he has sent her four notes one of them said I know you have a boyfriend but you couod ditch him for my love now I did not know about this untill yesterday in our sport change rooms when my bestfriend said the kid…

if i were you I’d confront the kid. not in a violent way or anything just sit down with him and in a civil manner tell him you don’t appreciate his advances on your girlfriend and tell him to stop. remember if you start yelling at him or start throwing punches out of nowhere you loose all credibility and it makes you look bad. If it continues after you warned him then i would get angry with him. usually people will listen to you more if you don’t flip your lid and respond in a civil manner.

answer mine please?;…

WAIT. CALM DOWN. Lets set aside the emotions and analyze this rationally.

First of all, Your bestfriend could have heard a rumor. It could be him setting you up. It could be someone setting you up.

Secondly, Have you seen the note? If you haven’t, you can’t prove ****. Innocent until proven guilty.

Now. You have to handle this with care. Any frustration will cause a rift in your relationship. Instead, you should act unfazed. Even pretend like you don’t know about the notes b/c it will lower the Homewrecker’s guard. If you start arguing with your GF, he’s going to be aware that you know of his attempts. So catch him with his pants down. Maybe find out where the hell hes passing the messages to her.

Also, you got to let you GF know that you trust her to lower her guard, while you watch for any inconsistancy.

I wouldn’t worry too much. After all, the dude is sending her love notes, which is really lame and shows how much of a weak **** he is.

Just remain happy with your GF. This whole thing might just blow over without anything happening.

Ps. dont confront him. It makes you look insecure. Instead, act as you would towards a loser. Just laugh at his attempt and let it go. Trust me, once the school finds out, ur GF won’t go to him b/c of low social stigma. The homewrecker wins when you humiliate yourself by getting angry. He wants it to happen.

I say let it go. You dont seem like the kind of guy who would get into fights like them other boys fighting for their girls . If she really does love you she wouldnt leave for for some guy she hardly even knows i say if u say she really does luv u she will stick by u and disregard the “love notes” . If this situation doesnt leave and he keeps bothering her with notes confront him and ask him what hes problem is he knows u and her are together and if she wanted to leave u she would have done it already tell him to find another girl and also tell your girlfriend to also tell him to “back off” because if u only do it and she keeps receiving notes hes gonna think shes interested because she hasnt told him anything. Eventually he will get bored of your girlfriend ignoring him and he will look for another girl to crush on.

After two years of dating,you should trust her. Unless she has done stuff like this before and giving you a reason not to. If he is a “close family friend” and she denied him than i probably wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just keep a close eye on it and if she starts talking to him more and more. Tell her she needs to stop and you don’t like it and that you don’t go around talking and hanging out with random girls that like you.

If you think you can trust her then you don’t have anything to worry about. If you two are truly in love, you can handle other guys sniffing around, as long as she tells them she’s not interested. Confronting the guy isn’t going to accomplish anything constructive. She should be able to tell him to buzz off.

Do anything but don’t let your girlfriend go !!!!!!

I would just talk to your gf, see if she likes him. She might not, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Tell her that you love her and dont want to lose her.

Confront him. Threaten him. Tell him to back off. perhaps go ape sh!t. If he continues or wont listen…. kick his @ss.

Tip: When you confront him, get in his face. So if you need to attack, do a quick head butt to his nose. INSTANT WIN.

Stand your ground and say hey bro this is my girl unless you want to start something with me you should just bounce

You find him and you tell him to leave her alone or you’ll shove his notes straight up his….well….yeah.

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