Are you a BNP voter who is switching to UKIP or a UKIP voter who is switching to BNP in the EU elections? Why?

I’m a UKIP supporter, and NEVER was a BNP supporter either. They are 2 entirely different parties in their ideals and are not even remotely connected.

Interestingly, Nick Griffin (BNP leader) tried to infiltrate UKIP late last year and offered UKIP an alliance. Their infiltrator (Buster Motram) was thrown out of UKIP and a very firm DENIAL of any UKIP/BNP alliance was made by Nigel Fararge – UKIP leader that ‘rejected’ and ‘denounced’ them, see link.…
Another interesting point is that the BNP have NO MP’s or MEP’s, and the councils /town halls that they have been voted onto persistently REFUSES to deal or even talk with them. Inspite of winning at town hall elections then, their voters have no real voice.

UKIP have 1 MP and 9 MEP’s and are infact Britains 4th largest party.…

im a BNP voter after doing alot of research i relised they are not as bad as the image most people have painted them! ive also done much research on there history and yes they have made mistakes in the past but most of it was media propaganda and no real facts! can you tell me a political party that is perfect and has never made mistakes in the past? The BNP and there policies are very appealing to the british public and are very professional in the work they do! And to put the cherry on the cake they are a legal political party that are very sucessful & the fastest growing party in UK

Ive also done research on UKIP but there policies are only appealing in certain parts! they are not that sucessful and they have been in EU for many years and have not made any progress or influence .

neither – both have good policies in opposing the new world order and therefore get a lot of bad press by the government controlled mainstream media. however they both are opposed to multiculturalism, perhaps more BNP than UKIP, and i could never vote for a party with a eugenecist style policy.

Yes, for sure. Won’t tell you which. But I will NEVER vote for labour or any other “acceptable” party no matter how much they promise and lie before the elections. NOTHING changes under them, nothing. Time for a change in the Right direction.

Neither. Though I do see the attraction of voting UKIP.

Actually I see the attraction of voting for both, but after reading the BNP manifesto, there is no sense in voting for them!

One hopes that there are massive defections from the BNP.

Those are the only two options you’re going to give me, or are they the only two parties you know about?

No, because I’m not a pig ignorant bigot.

none , im not misled

Because i am an idiot

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