Can a 16 yr old (w/ permit only) drive a drunk 21 licensed driver home?

Just wondering actually! But if you only have your permit and are only allowed to drive with a 21 liscensed driver or older, does that mean you could drive a drunken 21 yr old home?

Logic tells me no.. because the point of a permit is to have a “responsible person in the vehicle with you”..

I would say no unless you have your licence but drink driving fines are probably worse than the penalty you will get for you driving so if i was you i would drive the car instead of the drunk 21 yr old driving.

The point is that the over 21 year old ( some States) is with it and able to help give driving advice.

If stopped you would get a driving offense ticket , probably .

If the teen grew to become into obeying each and all of the guidelines of the line, why could he be pulled over interior the 1st place? If there’s a criminal ascertain interior the motor vehicle, it would not be impounded, this is in basic terms extra paperwork that the officer wouldnt’ prefer to attend to. reformatory is uncertain, yet there may be an exceptional if the officer decides to jot down a cost ticket.

If you got pulled over you could get a ticket, but most cops would rather you be driving than your intoxicated counterpart. You would probably be sent on your way with no problems.

They’re not there for shits and giggles, they need to be responsive enough as if they were driving the car.

absolutely not! if you have a permit only, you cant even drive with other people in the car unless its one of your parents i believe.

Not legally, if you have a license you can be the driver of a drunk.

go for it better you than him its ok

hmm.. idk good queston lol

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