Change ip address , router causing it ?

I did the release renew thing when i directly connected my
computer to the modem and it gives me a new ip address and
it even worked for a long time but right when i connect my
router (linksys) and look up my ip address online it goes back to
the old one, any suggestions on what i can do with the router?

when you connect your computer directly to the modem, you probably get your wan ip assigned to your computer.

when you connect your computer to your router, you should get a private nat’d ip (e.g. 192.168.n.n or 10.n.n.n, where n is a number between 1 and 255).

this is *normal*

what problem(s) are you having?

I am assuming you are asking about the IP address assigned to your house, not the address assigned to your computer. If you’re meaning the old address on your computer whether hooked into the router or the modem, this answer isn’t going to apply.

DHCP usually will give the same IP address it gave last time to the same MAC address if it is still available. Since your computer and your router have different MAC addresses, it’ll give you a different one.

You can try going into your router’s admin pages – many routers have a release/renew function built in. However, you may be stuck with the old address if it is still available once your router requests a new one.

Good luck!

Start -> Connect to -> Show all connections
Right click on your network and click Properties.
Click the General tab, and scroll down to where it says Internet Protocol. Click once, and then click the Properties button.
Manually enter your IP address and save it.

The classes approximately utilizing “ipconfig /renew” purely paintings for the community community IP address on your device. in case you try to alter your broadband modem IP address, you will ought to paintings along with your ISP or comprehend their rules somewhat. The broadband modem gets its IP via utilizing DHCP (in simple terms like your computing device does out of your router) out of your ISP. maximum DHCP configurations are setup with a “hire era” on the address linked with the MAC address (a special id, for that reason on your broadband modem) so as which you eventually finally end up with the comparable IP address, even after a short skill cycle. generally the hire era is a week long whether that’s configured in any different case via your ISP. in case you fairly prefer to alter your broadband IP address, touch your ISP help table and supply them with a reason to launch your IP address. comprehend that they could have criminal standards to hold specific logs so even changing your IP will possibly no longer hide previous activities.

i think ur ip address is static which means permanent which is provided my ur internet service provider.
i can be changed by ur ISP only.when it comes 2 ur LINKsys router itz used as WAN ipaddress for ur router.
linksys router itself configures DHCP server and give a different ip 2 ur pc but ur actuall ip is same as WAN ip address.

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