Did Hitler have any Strategy or plans invading the United States?

Did he have any battle plans or strategies where and how to invade the United States?

If so, where can I find them?

If he did, they would most certainly not have been immediately after winning in Europe, assuming the Germans had won. North America has those two big oceans to cross, otherwise, any German invasion force would have had to come over the North pole – Arctic fighting is extremely difficult at the best of times.

Hitler probably would have had to consolidate his conquests, which would have taken at least a decade – probably a lot more. He would have had to put down armed insurrections in Russia and Europe. This would have given the US time to catch up technologically.

Hitler was the perfect fool for Churchill and Roosevelt. The little corporal couldn’t have made more self destructive military decisions. In fact Britain and America were planning an assassination on the little corporal when the countries realized that Hitler was such fool in military decisions that they in no way wanted to kill him with the knowing that whoever replaced him would be more competent than the little corporal. Hitler could talk tradh. He was a con man of sorts. But don’t think for a minute that the little fool was in any way a genius. That’s a word that certainly does not apply to that little weasel.

The farthest he went in planning something like that was to fantasize about taking some mid-Atlantic islands. Raeder told him he was on drugs if he thought the Third Reich could do anything even close to that so he let it drop.

BTW-The Mexico thing might be the Zimmerman telegram but that was World War One.

Wow…that’s a good one.

Off hand, I would say take a look at the Department of Justice (doj.gov).

You may need to do some professional grade researching to find the answer, but the DOJ should be able to offer some leads…after questioning your intent…

For reals, I’d start there. Or maybe a local military recruiting station of any branch.

Nick96 you should really spend time looking up facts instead of posting fiction. Mexico was part of the Pan American Union and was one of 2 S./Central American countries to send troop of any type into combat. In Mexicos case it was to the Pacific. Brazil sent about 25,000 to Italy in 1944.

9/12/1941: Egypt, Mexico, Panama and Cuba declare war on Japan, soon followed by New Zealand, South Africa, India, Bolivia, etc.

22/5/1942: Mexico declares war on Germany and Italy

Sorry kid I just hate it when the clowns spew crap!

Hitler did not want to invade he did want to bomb us thoug:

Amerika Bomber
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The Amerika Bomber project was an initiative of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, the Nazi Germany Air Ministry, to obtain a long-range strategic bomber for the Luftwaffe that would be capable of striking the continental United States from Germany, a range of about 5,800 km (c.3,600 mi.). Possibly the first public reference to the Amerika Bomber was on July 8, 1938, barely two years after the death of Germany’s main strategic bombing advocate General Walter Wever, in a speech by the Luftwaffe’s commander-in-chief Hermann Göring saying, “I completely lack the bombers capable of round-trip flights to New York with a 4.5-tonne bomb load. I would be extremely happy to possess such a bomber which would at last stuff the mouth of arrogance across the sea.”[1] Canadian historian Holger H. Herwig[2] claims the plan started as a result of discussions by Hitler in November of 1940 and May of 1941 when he stated his need to “deploy long-range bombers against American cities from the Azores.” Due to their location he thought the Portuguese Azores islands were Germany’s “only possibility of carrying out aerial attacks from a land base against the United States.”[1] At the time, Portuguese dictator Salazar had allowed German U-boats and navy ships to refuel there, but from 1943 onwards, he leased bases in the Azores to the British, allowing the Allies to provide aerial coverage in the middle of the Atlantic. Requests for designs were made to the major German aircraft manufacturers (Messerschmitt, Junkers, Heinkel, Focke-Wulf and the Horten Brothers) early in World War II, coinciding with the passage of the Destroyers for Bases Agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom in September 1940.

The Japanese did bomb the US twice. Both times were in Oregon. The plane was launched from a Carrier submarine. They also attack Ft. Stevens at the mouth of the Columbia River west of Portland OR, shelled an oil rig in the Santa Barbara area of S CA. Held 2 Aluetian Islands ,Attu and Kiska, from June 1942 – May 1943. The 7th Infantry Division was sent from Ft. Ord to Attu. When the finished there they went on to Kiska. The Japanese had snuck off though. Dad was up there as a AA machine gunner in his Pacific Theater time.

A Great Uncle was on the SS Ohioan on 8 May 1942 just off the coast of Florida within site of Palm Beach when they were sunk by a U Boat. They harrased US and Mexican vessels for some time.

His strategy was to do the opposite of what his experienced generals said to do.

doubtful…..he was already fighting on two major fronts, and had no time to worry about moving oversees. Had he won, he might have turned his sites this way, though it would have been crazier than attacking Russia……….

actually he did if he had conquered russia and all of europe he was going to ask mexico to attackfrom the south and then while the US is distracted attack into new york

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