Did Ronald Reagan ever do anything wrong?

Was the 40th president wonderful in every way?

When he was governor of California, he cut funding to state hospitals and alot of helpless people were out in the street.

They cherished his presence on a demonstrate screen. I haven’t any theory why they observed as him the super Communicator. He became right into a sneaky previous top-wing bastard and unqualified to be president. He broke the embargo and illegally bought weapons to Iran with the intention to finance a top-wing militia in considerable united states of america. He started the billion greenback coca eradication plan we nevertheless are doing. different than for that, he became into a minimum of greater liberal than those Republicans are actually. i presumed Reagan’s judgements made united states of america plenty worse for working classification human beings. under him measures have been taken that persisted under Bush Jr and we are seeing the fallout of now. that’s unlucky timing that Obama is Pres. now. Reagan gave amnesty to thousands and thousands of illegals, took away tax shelters for decrease and center earnings workers, broke unions. raised taxes, went into deficits of $4 trillion via spending on the action picture star Wars software against the Soviets. Reagan himself had senile dementia jointly as in workplace, Nancy made dissimilar judgements for him after she consulted an astrologer.

Every President has made mistakes, including Reagan. Only if one does nothing can mistakes be avoided.

No…he believed Democrats would live up to their promise of reduced spending – vary naive. Sandra Day O’connor was a wishy washy waste of a supreme court nominee. George Bush Sr. – poor VP choice – gave us David Suiter. Overall though he was a great president who helped bring an end to the cold war. With Ronald Reagan it truly was “Morning in America” again.

Grade A-

He inherited a lot of bad deals from Jimmy Carter which made him look bad. Social Security, terrorists, and all the illegals Carter gave amnesty and welfare to. He did a lot of good for having to follow such an idiot.

Yes, he ignored the AIDS crisis for 7 years.

Is he responsible for AIDS deaths? No, but he had a chance to save millions of lives in the long run.


And all he had to do was talk and spread awareness. (Guess his administration was more interested in saving souls than in saving lives, as someone once said).

He broke America’s number one rule: Never negotiate with terrorists. He made deals with nearly every terrorist organization and terror state on the planet.

Yeah, he didn’t destroy the Iranians or the Libyans when he had international support to do so. Would have saved a lot of problems today.

In my judgement he was 100% better than the man he replaced.

well he got a divorce from that Weiszman woman, so he was wrong at least once.

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